More loose Mexican balconies

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Update 1/5/2014: After someone came on the blog this past week complaining that this was a disrespectful blog post, I re-visited the 0;deceased”‘s facebook page. Not one fresh post on it. That’s odd, one might expect hundreds of fresh, mournful posts.  Looking at her husband’s facebook, we see a message from Shannon Guy. That’s odd, I thought she died. No, it seems to be his sister. How odd that your new wife and sister have the same name. Coincidence? This new entity has no facebook history, and a page that resembles other . Sadly, I don’t really have time to further investigate this poorly constructed story. Perhaps other fakeologists can further drill into the facebook “evidence”. Be aware that the #1 method of attacking fakeologists appears to be that we are being disrespectful to the dead. My answer is simple: it’s the media and those that own and control it that we have disrespect and suspicion of.  If we end up questioning a real story, then that’s a side effect of being deceived over and over again.

As for whether real friends of family would seek out stories questioning the veracity of a media report, that is doubtful. Surely they’d have better things to do rebuilding their lives. If they saw the context (this blog) of the questioning, then surely they’d understand and not attack in a shill-like way. (… or

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Oct 18, 2013 @ 21:57

I still don’t get why the guns are pointed at , but I am pretty sure that most of the “Mexico is dangerous” stories are fake. I know many people who spend half the year down there and have very little bad to say about the place. We don’t tend to see these stories about Florida (or even Cuba). Is it simply because Mexico is the #1 destination for Canadians, and now is the time to de-promote it as winter approaches?

A cursory look at this story has many elements (sans ) of a fake story. Attributing all the photos to facebook, a lacking facebook page, no details due to “privacy concerns”, no names of officials … all looks like a bowl of weak psyOp soup.

Honeymoon ends in tragedy as Ontario bride dies after apparent balcony collapse in Mexico

via Honeymoon ends in tragedy as Ontario bride dies after apparent balcony collapse in Mexico | National Post.

Have some fun on the vicsim’s facebook page. If you’re familiar with facebook, drill down on all the “friends” of this entity by clicking on their names. You’ll notice that each of their pages is loosely based on a template, with similar photos, graphics, causes, animal photos, and other It is a lot of work to create all these sims’ online profiles, and most if not all people will not notice these fake elements as we do.

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Facebook of Shannon Amy Guy

3  Shannon Amy Guy
Honeymoon ends in tragedy as Ontario bride dies after apparent balcony collapse in Mexico   National Post


12 thoughts on “More loose Mexican balconies

  1. Blue Moon

    There is a project apparently underway wherein Canada/USA/Mexico will comprise a North American Union, ala the proven failure known as the EU- Canada and its overlord (no offense) need to demonize Mexico in order to appear as saviors of a savage land by uniting currencies and dissolving borders (and languages/cultures) in order to expand corporate control of the Americas- Mundane and Earth-bound, I know, but that’s what’s behind the Mexican Cartel Chainsaw Massacre memes n’ themes, in my opinion- Here’s the Wackness entry:…

    1. ab Post author

      Maybe. Farcevalue had a good idea that it’s really to stop the exodus from rich Snowbirds looking for a place to roost from FLA and AZ to even warmer and cheaper climbs. There are growing expat communities in Mexico that I have personally been to. The weather is better and the price of labor is very low. Does Canada really care where its snowbirds go? Not really, because we have no warm choices. Our big brother, on the other hand, does care, and may have a hand in this whole op.

      1. Blue Moon

        I can’t completely disagree with that but it may be more of an attempt to slow an inevitable process until certain forces can be put into position to pounce- I work in an area of SF that had been desolate forever and then brave Chinese families started renting and buying old properties where, shall we say, very low income cultures were well established with all the attendant off the books economic activity that went with them- Now the poor are almost completely gone and massive amounts of investment in med/tech industry concerns and the housing necessary for the wealthy immigrants has transformed the whole area- I can see Mexico infused with affluence in a similar way, but that would certainly attract the PIP’s desire to get in on, and control, the action- Imposing a union would be the most predictable course of action- A few at the top to regulate the many- Standard operating procedure-
        I’m convinced J Edgar Hoover was installed to federalize state crimes and then organize the criminals to do Washington’s bidding- Wall Street was corralled to launder mob money and the movie studios, so regulated by production codes, sold the free market American way of life to the poor who were being screwed by this system- Whenever there is expansion beyond the reservation, government regulators follow- Ex pats get a good thing going and the banks will demand a slice and will get it with treaties and loans accepted by puppet regimes and the hostile takeovers of every sort will commence-

  2. Herge Degrelle

    What you have to be careful of is a hierarchy of knowables. What our irrational opponents will try to do in order to save their egos from having to admit they were wrong is set up a straw man and knock that down so that they don’t have to deal with proven media-fakery facts. This straw-man is called “they claim that everything is fake.” Whatever you do that tends to make everything possible and fewer things knowable unwittingly adds to the disinfo avalanche and helps your opponents set up their straw man. The 100% proven stuff has to be expressed first before the other stuff that’s on far more shaky ground such as JFK not being killed or nuclear bombs being a hoax. You have no proof for that JFK was never killed stuff whatsoever except that the Zapruder film is fake. For that to be possible the entire Kennedy clan would have to act out the farce. Unlike the 9-11 vicsims and their supposed families, these people actually exist.

  3. ab Post author

    From Virginia:…

    One thing is interesting the paternal grandmother said ” we haven’t told them”. This is rather odd when children are 3 years old and 7 months. Why would you tell a baby of 7 months that her mother had died? Plus, the employer of where she worked wasn’t even upset about somebody she was so fond of.

    I noticed again “always smiling” was in the newspaper stories.

    Victim has three names. Third floor I believe. Three people on balcony fell. Age 24 reverse 42. Of somebody did die it could be relevant that the Satanic holidays started this past week and Cancun area seems to be where all these Canadian deaths take place which was an area where a lot of human sacrifice took place.

    Also a lot of announcements in news about attacks on young women at university which also coincides with ritual holidays.

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