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Watch them squirm on CPAN

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I could watch this stuff all day. Of course, Building 7 is a red herring to keep people away from media fakery and the 9/11 psyOp, but it I believe there is value in bringing 9/11 awareness to the unwashed masses as a whole. I doubt anyone is actually watching CSPAN, but I do enjoy watching those that “represent” us wiggle their way out of the uncomfortable question.

The whole Building 7 campaign could be a sideshow element of the 9/11 psyOp. Some, most, or all the callers could be part of the operation. It’s impossible to tell, but that once more is the purpose of disinformation.

Remember, if you get them asking the wrong questions, then the answers don’t matter. This is exactly the idea behind the Building 7/Richard Gage traveling roadshow.

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The Fab Four Dozen

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If you like the Beatles, which I do, then this  board is worth a look. Seems fresh too.

Demonic Hypnotic Control Through Music

The Beatles were the creation of Tavistock (by simulacra?). You only have to go back to the writings of Aristotle:

“Emotions of any kind are produced by melody and rhythm. Therefore by music a man becomes accustomed to feeling the right emotions. Music has the power to form character, and the various kinds of music based on the various notes may be distinguished by their effects on character. One for example, working in the direction of melancholy, another of effeminacy; one encouraging abandonment, another self control, another enthusiasm, and so on through the series.”


“When modes of music change, the fundamental laws of the state always change with them (for) this spiritual licence, finding a home, imperceptibly penetrates into manners and customs; whence, issuing with greater force, it invades contracts between man and man, and from contracts goes on to laws and constitutions, in utter recklessness, ending at last, by an overthrow of all rights, private as well as public.”

via Tavistock Agenda – Creator of The Beatles | Fab Four Dozen.

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