Watch them squirm on CPAN

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I could watch this stuff all day. Of course, Building 7 is a red herring to keep people away from media and the , but it I believe there is value in bringing 9/11 awareness to the unwashed masses as a whole. I doubt anyone is actually watching CSPAN, but I do enjoy watching those that 0;represent” us wiggle their way out of the uncomfortable question.

The whole Building 7 campaign could be a sideshow element of the . Some, most, or all the callers could be part of the operation. It’s impossible to tell, but that once more is the purpose of disinformation.

Remember, if you get them asking the wrong questions, then the answers don’t matter. This is exactly the idea behind the Building 7/Richard Gage traveling roadshow.

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2 thoughts on “Watch them squirm on CPAN

  1. tsisageya

    I guess y’all watch this stuff so I don’t have to. Because, really, I can’t do it. Their voices, their faces, their bullshit. I can no longer watch or listen. I rebuke it.

    So, thanks.

  2. khammad

    I am pretty proud of how well spoken the callers sound. I guess they have to lie to get on the air, but once there, their message is pretty solid. Just having the host repeat “I should tell you and our viewers there is an organized effort out there by a group who believes the government was involved in what happened on 911, to call our show and ask our guests about that so …” is a good advertisement.

    Not quite the correct 911 story, but good enough to alert people out there that there are intelligent people who question the government story. Yes, I know it is the other side of the same coin, but it is my hopes that intelligent people watching the show will then do their own research and eventually find this very website, or September Clues or the like.

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