Getting attacked from all sides

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Now that they know and other sites are working to expose them, they are going to want to flush as many of ‘us’ out so they have a sense of the demographic they are dealing with. They are going to want to control it. They are already controlling some of it. Let’sRoll forum seems like a mixed bag.

In retrospect, I think part of this is the realization that the ab irato/Fakeologist group is not picky about sims being amongst them.….

I fight with sims:


Name: Sadie Email: Comment: This page that you have listed is NOT fake. Shirley was my cousin and she was actually murdered in Jamaica. Shame on you for not doing the slightest bit of research before posting it as 0;fake”. I wish it was fake and I could have my cousin back!!

Name: Remy Darling
Comment: You people should be fucking ashamed of yourselves. My friend Shawn is going through the worst time of his life and you dare to drag his and his mother's name through the mud after she was murdered. "". FUCKING PATHETIC. Take that fucking post down, you inconsiderate wantwits.
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Jasmine @JasmineAtHome
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@imafakeologist Dear insensitive Internet troll: your post on my mom who was murdered in Jamaica is BS. Take it down IMMEDIATELY.

Author : rachealhunt
This story is very real. The victim is my cousin. I'm not sure what heartless asshole thought they'd get their kicks off trying to say this is fake and further hurting our family but I truly hope you get what you deserve. She was murdered and we still don't have a reason or even how she was killed. Most of our information is coming from the media so that on its own is difficult for everyone but more so for her 3 children! I'm furious that this is even something in question. You people want proof? Go to a news page and search her name. You'll get just as much information as our family has! I'd also like to know who is responsible for this post because I'll be looking into what our legal options are.

Support For Friends And Family Of Shirley Lewis McFarlane…

I Shill for Cluesforum:

Ab, is an operative. Wakes up, watches sep clues, finds out it’s all fake. Now he has a website, radio show. With multiple high end shills as guests, takes donations. Promotes Shack as the Cult leader he is. He has been awake one year and the only thing he offers, is his number bullshizz. It’s 11 so it’s coded, same junk Goldstein pushed years ago and continues to do.…

Get whacked by former callers:…

I take exception to the claim that we aren’t getting somewhere with our understanding of the event. How would we ever have gotten to this point without the intervention of the Fakeologists? They’ve served as much-needed gadflies!

Just another day at the fakeologist office. How was your day?

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19 thoughts on “Getting attacked from all sides

  1. tsisageya

    I’d like to take this opportunity to say, even though it’s not, necessarily, on topic, that 911911911 is the reason that WE went in to “save” Iraq. If by save I mean destroy. Iraq has been tortured and destroyed by OUR bullshit lies. There are things beyond what we speak about here. 911? Iraq? Afghanistan? This imperial bullshit can be no more. There are humans in other countries that suffer at the hands of the motherfucking UNITED states of AMERICA. I cannot express my anger enough over this. Let’s discuss distraction. Let’s do all sorts of psyops in the U.S. and,after awhile, no one will even discuss Iraq or Afghanistan. Iraq? What’s that?

    I can’t even speak coherently now. Too disgusted.


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