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  1. ala samoan

    Hey fakeologists, I became aware of media fakery in 2010/11 while listening to Chris Kendall & Markus Allen (kudos to them) Since then Ab’s site & all of you have given me a more rounded understanding on fake events. This site has connected a lot of dots & has lead me to conclusions I wouldn’t of come to on my own.

    My main interests lay outside of media fakery ( as some of you maybe aware) however it is awesome to have a site like this to go to. There’s no other place unraveling media fakery like fakeologist.

    Thanks to Ab & all those who participate.

  2. Blue Moon

    Yo! Bloo Mune here- Encryption is beyond my comprehension- I have nothing to hide- Wish I did- Hope I get through when I’m certain you guys n’ gals need to be steered straight- How many times I’ve kept the Earth from hurtling into the sun with my key reveals, I cannot say- Sorry for the marathon Beatles apologist post a day or so ago but I had to purge that PID stuff- He’s too mediocre at this point to be worth replacing- Rock on!

  3. khammad

    When bad things are happening, one way to stop them is to expose them.

    Now I can’t stop the corrupt and complicit media from reporting on hoaxes and creating fear, but I can expose them and their methods.

    Once exposed, then the good people of our planet can truly have freedom of the mind.

    The schemers behind the corrupt and complicit media must be afraid of this freedom, they must be afraid of exposure, afraid of the true power of free thinking people. The mere existence of their minion shills is proof enough of their fear.

    This gives me hope and a sense of righteous indignation to carry on my campaign of exposing their lies. I will use all the tools I at my disposal, and will continue to hone those skills as well as learn new ones in order to free my fellow citizens of earth.

    Exposing lies is not just my job, it’s my passion.

  4. aralsea

    Aral Sea: Found Ab Irato site through reference in Fetzer blog in January 2013. Been a fan and occasional participant ever since. Also discovered HoaxBusters Call, Markus Allen etc through this site.

  5. tsisageya

    GAWL! Cut it out, guys. Cheezits!

    My name is tsisageya. I don’t know much but I do know that I, myself, am living in the Truman show. It’s weird and funny. I laugh, I cry, I get angry. I really want to know what’s going on but no one will tell me.


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