Shilling for the pipeline

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Even in the middle of nowhere (and this area is no-where) we get lucky people catching fireballs on their cameras. What remarkable good luck in action photography.

Financial question: Does one buy or short the railway stocks?

Emergency crews were on the scene working with RCMP to determine which of the 1 train cars were involved in the derailment and if any derailed cars were carrying hazordous materials.

via Train derails, catches fire in New Brunswick | Canada | News | Toronto Sun.

Fakeologists: since most of the “evidence” is from slavebook and twitter, perhaps check out the sources and look at their history for clues.

10 thoughts on “Shilling for the pipeline

  1. tsisageya

    I think I’ve figured out why all the fake train derailments and explosions. The Transatlantic Pipeline in the works.

    Trains bad. Pipeline good.

    1. tsisageya

      I should call it by it’s rightful name. Keystone XL pipeline.

      I get confused by all the initials and such. What do they mean??? lol

      Trains bad, pipeline good.

  2. JohnnyClues

    Shilling For The Pipeline – Update…

    short Vid (link below)…

    “13” pics and a Lac Megantic Reference (link below)
    here’s one quote from the link below – “Fifty-four trains carrying dangerous goods have derailed across New Brunswick over the past decade, CBC News has learned”……”Nearly a quarter of those reported derailments involving dangerous goods cars — 13 in total — ”…

  3. PeterShea

    all the old modes of transportation are being attacked and discredited it seems to me. from plane crashes to helicopter crashes, from train crashes to ship capsizes to truck and car collisions, in all air, land and sea, there is no conventional method of travel (portrayed) trustworthy.
    I believe a new era is being ushered in whereby all the science fiction type technologies we have all heard about have longsince existed and are waiting in the wings to be introduced to the masses in the near future.
    colour me crazy, but they are my thoughts.

    1. tsisageya

      Speaking of transportation, for many years i walked and rode my bicycle. Then I had the opportunity (through my son) to ride/drive in a car. I noticed many things. One thing I noticed was the distance that happened between me and regular people on the street. ‘Hi, how are you. Have a good day.’

      No more of that.

      I also noticed a feeling of paranoia/fear/danger which was NOT there. It didn’t fit into my previous experience. There really was no danger.

      What am I trying to say? This: Pipeline=BAD. Keystone is bad, bad, bad. This is the reason for all the fake train derailment bullshit. Well, that’s what I think anyway.

      Maybe someone can put all that tmi together. It all only makes me very tired.

    1. columjaddica

      You’re right that it’s about the pipeline. But it’s also about adding smart grid technology.

      Most people believe that govt and large corps are inept and helpless and that is one of the bigger deceptions.

      A year ago I was with the people in those comments above. Now I know better

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