ep84-Walt Stickel and Tom Friess on Jesuitism

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Showtime: Saturday, January 11, 2014 9:11pm EST


English: Monochrome version of the IHS emblem ...

English: Monochrome version of the IHS emblem of the Polski: IHS – symbol Towarzystwa Jezusowego (zakonu jezuitów) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Guests: Walt Stickel and Tom Friess


We must now show that the are the most deadly enemy the United States and the world, will ever have to face. This fact is virtually unknown among the people.  Using the utmost secrecy to conceal their plans, the Jesuits, through their facade of religion, has for many decades been infiltrating the United States in all levels of government(Fema) and their agenda is to rule the world.  As a result, the United States will soon lose its constitution(patriot act) and become a tyrannical, persecuting power(Romeland Security).  The right and left wing of party politics are both wings of the same bird(Jesuits).  The head(Satan) of the bird(Jesuits), determines the direction, not the wings. The Jesuits constitute one of the wisest, shrewdest, and most dangerous organized bodies of men to be found in this world.— Prof. L. T. Townsend.  The Real Conspiracy: The Jesuit infiltration of Christianity!!

Keep the backup websites bookmarked for this broadcast. I’m sure we’ll need them.

firstamendmentradio.com Inquistion Update

Papacy created 3rd century

Old World Order – Papacy ruled Kings /Canon Law/1260 years

Protestant Reformation Oct. 31, 1517 Reformation Day

Protestant Reformation: Overthrew Kings as reps of Pope, established elected individuals, putting true Christianity in place

Jesuit Order founded to reconquer all lost ground and elevate Papacy to global supremacy, or NWO.

Spanish Ullimbratos Illumintos – I. Loyola – cloaked military ops in mission work – inroads through trade, then their religion, then the confessors and rulers of elite’s children, educators. Then came universities and colleges to 0;get” the children for global monarchy.

Codeword Barbylon book by PD Steward Anti-Christ is a Woman

Jesuit General – Adolpho Nicholas

The Prophet: The created Islam to use that religion to conquer Jerusalem and give them Northern Africa

Tom’s Archives wwfar.com/mp3s/InquisitionUpda…

Walt’s Link: http://granddesignexposed.com/jesuitdiabolical/nwo.html







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52 thoughts on “ep84-Walt Stickel and Tom Friess on Jesuitism

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  3. tsisageya

    Thanks to this thread, I’ve made up my mind. It’s not jew or gentile, catholic/jesuit (notice how I do not capitalize any of these words), nordic, black or white, male or female. alien/shapeshifter, or anything else. Notice that there is no other animal but the human animal to blame. War, torture, bullshit imprisonment, starvation, thirst, worry, fascism, evil corporations, technology, police brutality, greedy motherfuckers… What is the one commonality?

    Is it the ape that descended from apes (as we are told)? Is it the human? Rhetorical question. We already know the answer.

    1. tsisageya

      On the other hand, the JEW …I’m beginning to understand. I hate them. HATE. I’m not so sure they’re the big cheese, but I do hate them.

      Is that illegal in the U.S. yet? I hate them so. They’re disgusting.

      Jesuits? I’m sure I hate them too. And many more.

  4. Blue Moon

    Belief is not knowledge- It’s wishful thinking-Some beliefs may prove knowable and then they aren’t beliefs anymore- They become knowledge- Until then belief is largely an unfulfilled wish- If one believes the Jesuits or Jews or whathaveyou are in charge, and circumstantial/anecdotal/inferential “evidence” is your foundation, this is still only a belief- And why would anyone wish that such a thing be true? My default position with whistleblowers is there had better be something substantial to verify as fact before I can proceed with any theory- Usually, though, I hear the voice of rationalization, not reason- I’ve known a few religious fanatics, some even in my own family, and to a person their “knowledge” of God is really just compensation for deep emotional turmoil- So much of religious faith has roots in resentment towards one’s parents- It is almost always that simple (relatively speaking)- Inverting that faith by insisting that some huge and secretive religious organization is behind all of society’s ills is really just another testimony to one’s unresolved issues with one’s self and family- Primary bonds are struck with one’s parents- If those are skewed at an early age, mystical thinking is the most popular replacement for loss of one’s psychological bearings- Given enough time and effort, a believer can construct the most magical and intricate and internally logical “reality” imaginable-

  5. tsisageya

    Wanda, you’re words and thoughts are full of crap. I want nothing further to do with you. Now go and fly around like you know something. I’m finished. If that also means that I’m through with ab, so be it. But, as far as I’m concerned, you’re a son of a bastard.

        1. tsisageya

          Err, I don’t understand betting lingo. Is ‘see’ the same as ‘call’? It’s been explained to me time after time but it doesn’t seem to stick. Needless to say, I’m not one that bets.

          Nevertheless, I like this and i consider that I have one-upped you. That’s a word, right?

    1. ala samoan

      Hey tsisageya, don’t worry about them, they rubbish Ab on the chat, poke fun at his guests and won’t even call in to confront Tom Freiss or Walt Stickle.

      The’ve turned a great talk, packed full of information, into a freakin’ circus. Let them be the clowns.

      1. tsisageya

        Thanks, ala samoan, for your encouragement. I only hope I’m overstepping my bounds. Sometimes I don’t care if I do or not though. Anyway, thanks. I’m not familiar with everyone yet.

  6. tsisageya

    Let me speak, y’all. I was born into the catholic church, became an atheist at 16 because of it, was an atheist for many years. Long story short: One day I trusted in the only name I could. Jesus Christ.

    Deal with that. Talk bad about Jesus, you guys. Go ahead. I want you to. (No,not really.)

    I’m not the one that introduced this so don’t blame me. Maybe I should have said this in my introduction. Well, here I am.

    Okay, Wanda?

  7. wanda

    This is just backing up religions… and all of them are false. God can’t write a goddam bible. Satan and Jesus talk is baby talk. They are fairy tales for grown ups. There is no legitimacy there.

    All governments are the same religion -control.

    Since WWII all jews are zionists. That is why we see movies that have jews in uniforms ordering around jew prisoners. WWII punished all the jews that were loyal to Germany.

    Scapegoating the jews? That’s a good one… They are willing scapegoats… no victims in that group. (to quote, quite correctly, Armunn)

    Lots to do about nothing here.

    1. ala samoan

      You should do some more research on the Jew topic Wanda, just like Armuun you are using your imagination instead of evidence and fact.

      The Bible was inspired by God as he spoke men wrote. If God cratered the universe, don’t you think he’s powerful enough to create and preserve a book so we know of Him.

      1. wanda

        No i don’t think that at all… that’s childish thinking. I am not a child.

        I am going to say what i say next out of deep care and concern for the world and i hope you will accept it in that spirit.

        Of the three main religions on this planet… Islam, Christianity and Judaism, one is a religion of wolves, the other two a religion of sheep. The wolves crafted the religion for the sheep and it was brought in through a reign of bloodshed, terror and torture that lasted a couple hundred years… in other words, it was forced on people. All three are Abrahamic religions… all three worship the God of Abraham… and Judaism came first. The other two, you could say, are spin-offs. Judaism is a religion of wolves.

        I was a pretty religious person for most of my life… we are talking a half a century. I have read the bible twice, at least, cover to cover and belonged to many study groups and studied on my own during all that time as well. The first five books of the old testament are the Jewish Torah, known as the Pentateuch to Christians, which i am sure you know… and if you have not done so, i urge you read it… if you have read it, ii urge you to read it again with new eyes.

        The first five books are riddled with rape, murder, slavery – including sexual slavery, incest, nepotism, ritual human and animal sacrifice, slaughter of innocents; women, children and the elderly, infants and first born males, pillage, plunder, child abuse, and self mutilation, wholesale destruction, theft, extortion and libel, to name a few… it’s all there. God, himself, seems to be a schizophrenic, megalomaniac, mass murderer. You can read it for yourself, i hope you will… chapter and verse… right here: www.evilbible.com

        I came across that site while wondering what it was that made the Devil the great enemy of God. Who did the Devil ever kill, torture, steal from, what ever… and there are no instances to be found except for a house falling on some guys in Job… but that, in reflection, seems to be an act of God as well. Satan, and i am no Satanist, seems to be God’s nemesis because he tempts people… he makes them think.

        Why would God give people brains and free will and then expect them not to use them? What can the “animals” teach us? They enjoy the same gifts of their creator as we do… they aren’t required to worship/warship. What omniscient creator would require obedience with words? A truly omniscient creator would enforce it’s laws wordlessly. We have this in the world… everyone/everything except the humans seem to be able to comprehend this.

        Please give some thought to what i’ve written… i am trying to build a bridge, not another goddamned damned dam.

        1. tsisageya

          Wanda, thank you for your care. I believe it, not that you need me to. But let me ask you this. Would you suffer and die for all the people of the earth, if God required you to? Just suppose, that’s all I’m asking. If you came to the realization that you were the Messiah, would you do it? Would you be a sacrifce for all the sins of humans? Yes, or no. All I want is a yes, or no. Just curious.

          1. tsisageya

            I don’t actually see how it matters but I’ll be 60 years old this month. You can’t answer a yes, or no, question? Instead you ask me how old I am. Kewl.

            What do you really want to know? Why won’t you really answer the question?

          2. tsisageya

            Would you also like my life history in order to answer the question? I’ll give it. Just ask.

            I don’t think you do, though.

        2. wanda

          Tsisageya… thanks. Yes, you can answer one more question… but before you do… read my comment again and tell me your motivation for asking such a question.

          If you come up with a reason that i have not already covered in my original comment, i will answer… if you can’t… all you are doing is spewing self serving rhetoric backing up a validity in your personal fantasy that has no place in reality. I am not going to play the fairyland WHAT IF game.

          Which is why i asked your age. Mine is 58 in April.

          1. tsisageya

            all you are doing is spewing self serving rhetoric backing up a validity in your personal fantasy that has no place in reality. I am not going to play the fairyland WHAT IF game.

            Oh. Okay then. You might want to re-read your own rhetoric. It’s actually a load of crap. Go ahead. I dare you. I double dog dare you.

      2. ArmunnRigh

        Don’t you think that if an all powerful god created us we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now? Just think about it… step back… breathe deeply… and think about it.

        No? I thought as much. This is the last I’ll talk about this subject here because, as Mark Twain so observantly noted, «Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience».

        Regarding the use of my imagination, I guess I’m being wrongly accused here. I think you might have meant this fellow here:

        Alrighty then! 🙂 Now how about a cute little song before you all go to bed, hm (not together, don’t get any ideas)?

        1. tsisageya

          No, there is no proof of anything. But when you lay down to die, you may see things differently. After all, there is only one human who ever agreed to redeem humans. There is only one human who agreed.

          Sure. Who cares? One human on the whole face of the earth agreed to redeem humankind by his own death..

          Go ahead. Keep mocking.

  8. PeterShea

    regarding the standing ovations for net-an-yahoo, someone really wants us to believe that the jews are in control of everything, no? too obvious, but they only need the majority to be-lie-ve, I suppose.
    fakeologists are in the minority, but we are strong. we are true. we are that we are.

  9. PeterShea

    another good show tim. I already posted this but the ‘out’ is here; kateofgaia.wordpress.com/ if we are brave enough to stand in our own truth. the archived radio shows are available from the same page. all the rest is his-tory. I AM THE WITNESS TO THEIR FRAUD. I AM THAT I AM.

    best regards to all.

    1. elbuggo

      I like this video where the Congress behaved like trained seals and gave the Israeli chief jesuit Netanyahu 29 standing ovations during his magnificent speech. But I bet the puppet masters were disappointed since he didn’t get at least 50 standing ovations:

      (Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu Speech at the Joint Session of Congress – May 24, 2011 )

      1. tsisageya

        Can’t watch. Makes me vomit. Our government (and others) has committed treason every single day since it’s inception. That’s my best guess, anyway.

    2. tsisageya

      It’s not that I don’t agree with you, Wanda, but it would be much better if most of those photos were not photoshopped in some way or another. After all, there are real things to use. Also, to use the lingo, Jesus doesn’t care if you’re jesuit or jew. Neither does the devil. I don’t know who is in the almighty cabal. I do know that they are human, though. I also know they’re evil. Let’s just call them the EC. Evil cabal.

      1. wanda

        You call the what you want to call them… i’ll continue to call them the jew.

        What sort of fuzzy logic says we shouldn’t look at the jews because that is what they want us to do? How about this: the fact they are not out of work, not homeless, not hungry… in fact they have enough wealth stolen from the rest of us carry them through this trying time of enslaving the rest of us until they become the G_ds on earth according to their Holey Books.

        I say… attack the jews because they are obvious… if they were truly concerned, we’d be hearing their voice along with ours. That we don’t SPEAKS VOLUMES… THEY OWN THE MEDIA… some reason to suspend logic here?. Why should the jews be insulated from what the rest of humanity is suffering under? Let’s see what sort of wobbly legs the “control system” is standing on without the jews in their protective bubble of government control and protection, they will be no different than the rest of us… but that might make a little too much sense, wouldn’t it?

        1. tsisageya

          Wanda, I never said any of those things. Get a grip. Watch, look, and actually listen. Read?

          You may as well say to destroy all MEN. Sometimes I agree with that sentiment. No, not really. My point is, and you still haven’t answered my question.

          We poor folks don’t know. The rich folks know and seek to control everything on the earth. Doesn’t this make you sick? It makes me sick. i couldn’t be any more disgusted.

        2. tsisageya

          …and if you spoke about Gaza, we might have something to talk about. But you don’t. That tells me all I need to know about you, Wanda.

          1. wanda

            Gaza is just one of their more obvious crimes… your words are a deflection. Your insults are the result of an inability to defend the indefensible. Always the claws come out when cornered.

            You read again… i did not say it was your fuzzy logic… just that it is fuzzy logic. It has been pointed out many a time in many a broadcast here the logic of not looking at the obviousness, which is the jew.

  10. Jan Erik

    I.H.S. stands for the Latin phrase Invictus Hoc Signo meaning “By this sign (we are) unconquerable” in reference to the symbol of the sun as well as the three (3) letters themselves.


    The Trigram was also frequently represented in ancient Rome combined with the symbol of “Oculus Omni” or the “All Seeing Eye of Lucifer” at the top.

  11. elbuggo

    See if you can figure out why there isn’t any resistance to detect from anywhere, even if the Jesuits are blamed for whatever we can dream up. Could just as well simply blame “the economy” instead. No resistance will be detected there either.


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