SSDI access now restricted

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Making it that much harder to research the fresh hoaxes, as I read this article.

Yes, the budget bill was signed into law.

No, there wasn’t any Christmas miracle.

Yes, the language that eliminates public access to the Social Security Death Master File — also known as the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) — for three calendar years after an individual’s death was in the budget bill when it was signed.

The budget was signed into law on Thursday of last week, December 26th. It includes that dratted closure of the and the exemption of SSDI information from FOIA, sold to Congress on the flimsiest of threads — as a purported revenue-enhancing measure.


via SSDI access now limited | The Legal Genealogist.

h/t Andy Tyme 

It seems like all the most dangerous laws are passed in the middle of the night, at the end of the year, when no-one is paying attention. We certainly can’t rely on THEIR media for info. Can anyone find this story in the main stream media?

A Google search of news brings up nothing really, except the story of the 0;fraudsters” defrauding the fund. Was this story created to block any REAL news and drown out the real important story?

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4 thoughts on “SSDI access now restricted

  1. khammad

    Fascinating the SSDI has been limited like this. Seems researchers are heading in the right direction.

    Remember when the Patriot Act was passed, and Journalists investigating terrorism or other crimes may now may become prime targets of surveillance themselves?

    The NRA mailed journalist credentials to all of their members in reaction to the Patriot Act, but they did not need to, as us researchers, in general, never got the call to stop investigating. Was it the sheer numbers of us that prevented action by the feds?

    It appears to me that the perps are taking the easiest/cheapest route to hide their crimes. I guess we have to up our game.

    1. columjaddica

      I agree but I’m left with the question, why don’t they just fake 100% of the vicsims in the SSDI? Why leave some out when it would be a matter of a database entry, right? Is there anything stopping them from entering fake people?

      I suppose it’s easier to just restrict access…

      1. tsisageya

        columjaddica, yes. I had the same question. Asked and answered, I guess. Assholes.

        Let’s just stop faking and pull rank. Neat.


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