Why deconstruct the 9/11 video fakery?

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Sometimes we get so deep into this research we forget all the onlookers we’ve left waaay behind. It’s hard to know where to start with newbies or people that are baffled by our deep research, but Andy Tyme does a good job. towersFor instance, this question in the Fetzer forum:


So, who the fuck cares about the video? We can ascertain all that is truly needed to know from the before an after. What can turn a 500k ton building (or two of them) into dust in 10 seconds?
Not jet fuel.
Not gravity.
Not C4.

So….why is the video evidence important again?


Consider these five competing scenarios:

1. Real hijackers on real planes did just what the official story says they did, and the totally innocent US government and mainstream media were not complicit in any way.

2. The official story is accurate, the media is innocent, but a corrupt faction within the government either facilitated the hijackers’ plans or covertly directed them.

3. The official story is seriously flawed, even though the media is innocent, because not only did a faction within the government have partial responsibility for the hijackers’ evil deeds, but this faction also told several secondary lies about which the media naively reported.

4. The official story is mostly false, even though the media is innocent, because was not an Al Qaeda plot at all, but rather a successful war-scam engineered by a corrupt faction within the government, whose spokesmen spun a huge web of lies which the media naively reported.

5. The official story is mostly false, with its massive trickery and lies devised and spread by a complicit PARTNERSHIP between corrupt factions in BOTH the government AND the mainstream media.

The network-transmitted, fake 0;live” video coverage of is what 0;seals the deal” in confirming scenario # 5 as the best explanation.


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4 thoughts on “Why deconstruct the 9/11 video fakery?

  1. tsisageya

    I’m on a roll here and no longer care about deconstructing 911 (at the moment). I suddenly want to forget 911 and look at what happened in Afghanistan and Iraq because of it. But maybe that’s all fake too. I doubt it though, considering our own history.

  2. ArmunnRigh

    The most simple, straightforward and yet comprehensive explanation I’ve ever read regarding the importance of understanding media fakery.


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