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  2. khammad

    Open Questionnaire to Dr. James Fetzer
    1. Has the Zapruder Film been revised?
    a. If yes, state how you know.
    b. If no, state how you know.
    c. If partially, state which frames have been revised and which frames have not been revised, and how you know.
    2. Do you know who killed John F. Kennedy?
    a. If yes, state the name of the person or group involved, and identify the shooter.
    b. If yes, state how you know.
    c. If no, state what other information you need in order to know who killed John F. Kennedy.
    3. Did you use any frames from the Zapruder Film as proof in any of your conclusions about Kennedy’s death?
    a. If yes, state which frame.
    b. If yes, were any of those frames in the revised category?
    4. After dozens of years of research, are there statements that you can make about John F. Kennedy’s death that are near 100% provable, in your opinion?
    a. If yes, state them.
    b. If yes, state the proof for them.
    c. If no, state what other information you need in order to make near 100% provable statements.

    NOTE Unacceptable answers include:
    “It’s obvious”
    “I am a professor”
    “I’ve done a 1000 interviews”
    “That’s ridiculous”
    “I’ve been doing this for YEARS”
    “Well, that’s really fascinating, isn’t it”
    “I’ve spent 20 years on this, I’ve talked to the best people”
    “You haven’t done your research”
    “I’ve co-chaired 5 national conferences on JFK”
    “This is the first I have heard of that”
    “The man is dead, for gawdsake, let him rest in peace”
    “Her husband is dead, for gawdsake, hasn’t she been through enough?”
    “If you disagree with me, I respect that”
    “That is rubbish, unbelievably stupid”
    “I’ve published over 30 articles on JFK and 3 dozen expert studies on the case and published a book”
    “You can believe everything and know nothing”
    “I have been dealing with a world authority on the human brain, an expert in ballistics, a PhD in physics, and MD in nuclear medicine”
    “I do all this from my home, I am retired, I don’t have an income, what’s left of my retirement, I have a modest investment account and social security”
    “Who didn’t kill Kennedy?”
    “It was a consortium”
    “Get in line”
    “A hologram killed Kennedy”

  3. UNreal

    Ab, keep it up !
    They sound like a broken nuclear record.
    Kuehn is really just not making any sense at all, she must have been picked for the sole criteria of being canadian,,, believe you are targeted even more so than Cluesforum as they are such a closed group and not very attractive to a wide audience,,,

    1. ab Post author

      I knew I forgot something! I’ll add the mini nuke symbol. Clare’s been there for a while…I even had her as a guest to see if I could make direct sense of what she had to say.

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