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Sim Fuddy duddy drowns

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Psyop media hoaxes with product placements – could they be the trend for 2014?

Just when you thought they couldn’t get more mileage out of the Obama birther red herring distraction.

This is the horrifying moment a plane crashed into waters off Hawaii and killed its state director of health Loretta Fuddy – who was responsible for releasing Barack Obama’s longform birth certificate.

Fuddy, 65, managed to escape into the open water.

Wearing a life-jacket, she reportedly held hands with her deputy director Keith Yamamoto as he tried to help her relax.

This is terrifying? Disney rides are lamer.


The Roman Salute

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Hitler can’t take credit for it … it goes way deeper and farther back than that. People need to realize that they have to research deep into the past to reveal the power structures that are in place today.


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