9 thoughts on “The Roman Salute

  1. aybesea

    When was it ever stated Hitler “invented” this salute? This is just more nonsense from this Bible thumping “it’s the Jesuits” individual. Robin is having a hard time figuring stuff out. As it is all filtered through the Jewish/Semitic Bible.. Clearly he cannot stand anyone showing him he is wrong, hence the comments being disabled and so forth. You fail to realize it was written to control you and take away all your true history and beliefs.

    All these guys that are brainwashed with this Bible mental handicap seem to always push this Jesuit nonsense. They are the whore of Babylon and all that junk, seven hills, it’s in the symbols. I ve been down that rode. It is not the answer, Symbols do not provide truth. You cannot use a symbol to make a fact about another symbol it does not work that way. Go back to this guys appearance on Ab shows from January 2013.. go to hegre’s comments.

    This guys channel is filled with bible/Jesuit mumbo jumbo… move on. Ab seem to think it’s the Jesuits as well these days. (all rodes lead to Rome) . I was there 4 years ago. It didn’t not last long as it’s not correct.

    Yes, you can trust history to a certain extent. As was postulated on hoaxbusters last night. Just as the official 911 will be taught, the exposing of it will remain ,regardless of attempts to suppress it.

    Hail Satan…

    1. tsisageya

      In fact, abc, I myself, am questioning the propaganda regarding Hitler. However, if my research leads me to sites having anything to do with White Supremacists I bail quickly.

      I’m only in it for the propaganda.

      This may be the only place on the internet where such things can be spoken.

      I could always be wrong though.

  2. khammad

    Clearly many of those salutes shown were not the Roman salute. In this way, the video is a little deceptive. This a good start however for another video, any takers?

  3. Jan Erik

    The fascist symbol of absolute totalitarian Roman rule, has been passed over from the likes of Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Pavlic and Peron to the Senate, the Congress and the President of the United States as the ultimate and most fascist state since the Roman Empire. Today, the symbol that signifies the murder and misery of hundreds of millions over the centuries under fascism and its variations such as communism and socialism is a central symbol of the United States Senate, is central to the Seal of the United States Congress and even President Abraham Lincoln is clasping two (2) giant fasces on his memorial throne in Washington DC.

  4. Jan Erik

    From the 16th Century AD, all democratic models of society have included the symbols of the Roman authority of fascist, totalitarian theocratic government in complete contradiction to its intended purpose. As a result, societies that have evoked the strongest “democratic values” such as the English Empire, the French Empire and later the American Empire have all demonstrated a complete immersion in fascist symbols and a totalitarian executive, despite the existence of elections and “right to vote”.

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