Very good photoshopping

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More blurred lines to help you realize you cannot know what’s real in imagery.

This series of photos that Japanese London-based photographer Chino Otsuka created is so nostalgic and heartwarming, it left me breathless. In “Imagine Finding Me,” Chino does something unique that I frankly have never seen before: she digitally inserts herself into old photos, so that she is standing next to her younger self. The concept is simple and her digital manipulation of the photos is done so well it makes it seem she is a time traveler (HMM). These pictures are filled with a sense of longing for simpler times that may hit you at your core.

via Chino Otsuka’s “Imagine Finding Me” is Time Traveling Photography.

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6 thoughts on “Very good photoshopping

    1. tsisageya

      I don’t know where I was at the moment I made that last comment, but, this is actually quite brilliant. I know nothing about identifying real and fake photos, but I love the sentiment of this. I don’t think my changing feelings are the point of this post though. Still, I like the idea.

      I wish I were an expert.

  1. khammad

    Fotoforensics has had some bad publicity lately, but here, it shows that several things were added to the original, including the 3 center people. The owner of the picture admitted to adding herself.

  2. khammad

    Just Zooming way in on a pic can show you the different pixel sizes. An un doctored picture will have all the same pixel sizes.

    The owner of this picture did much more than add herself. She adjusted the sky, and birds and other stuff.


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