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Missing man media crime event

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It’s always difficult to determine what’s real and what’s not in the media when a story first begins. Have fun with this new one.

My usual disclaimer: I don’t know if this is true or not — I certainly hope if it’s real that no harm comes to this person. If it’s not a true story, I curse those that would deceive the public.

The search continues today for a 52-year-old Whitby man who has not been seen since he apparently left his home to go jogging early Monday.

via Search Results | Toronto Star | Toronto Star.

First online evidence of this case is the daughter’s (fresh — maybe she just heard of twitter or resisted using it) twitter account.


The daughter has great twitter friends: seems like most are twittering the story out of their missing friend’s father.






Some of her friends are fresher than others (ie. hardly any tweets).

Please post your findings below.

Update 1/15

The family photo is quite odd, granted not everyone takes a good picture, and often pose the same way throughout photos, but the expressions of the father in both pictures is odd and similar. Is the father’s image the same image, slightly altered?

Analysis shows some tampering:



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Questioning the chess pieces

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Interesting tid-bits about the power structure, the chess pieces. I don’t know who controls the pieces, but it sure is interesting identifying the players. PShea is keeping this thread hopping with his questions.


psheaJanuary 12, 2014 at 5:07 AM

what are your views on the Jesuits (and the Italian patrician families) and their past and present role in world affairs, jim, don, ian and clare? this should be interesting.



  1. For the most part I stick to JFK and 9/11 in my research. In JFK you’ll see names like Giancana and Marcello. They were both front men for Meyer Lansky (Jew).

  2. That’s right, Don; just misdirect and ignore the question. A classic diversionary response and tactic (should go without saying though really, as that’s your MO). I personally didn’t expect anything more from a “Jews, Jews, Jews, it’s all teh Jews” bonehead such as yourself. If you’re not an out and out Coadjutor and shill, you’re definitely one hell of a misled and naïve man.

    The clear power of the Jesuit Order does seem to scare lackies like you. After all, even in a reply to a question directly referencing and related to them, you can’t even bring yourself to mention their name! Let alone deal with the topic! What a joke.

  3. Who owns the Federal Reserve? That’s right Jews. Jews run banking, the media, Hollywood and the most powerful lobby in DC is AIPAC. Jesuits don’t come up very often in these big events like 9/11. I didn’t see a van load of Catholics high fiving each other as the WTC buildings exploded.

    JFK was a Catholic and the Jews took him out. Most of the lawyers on the Warren Commission were Jews.

    How powerful are those Jesuits again?

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More noble lying?

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Is this a fake story to stir up debate to increase the minimum wage? Too many magik numbers to ignore.

Is faking stories just easier than finding a real person to conduct an interview? I am sure there are real hard-luck stories. Is it too expensive to have real reporters go do real work? Is the media that controlled or broke or both?

Upon further reflection, the reason is clear. When you fabricate a story, you can control all aspects of it. You can make every piece fit. You don’t need permission to manipulate the numbers, the inputs or the outputs. You retain total control of the message. This, of course, is the main lesson to be learned from the 9/11 deception. Thesis + antithesis = synthesis. Control the first two variables, and you get the desired sum. It’s your equation!

Once more I ask: is faking stories for a noble reason, a noble lie, allowable? The answer of course is no. We cannot allow a media to lie to us at any time for any reason.

For now, we must continue to ignore the media. Only then will they get the message.

Since moving to Canada from Bangladesh as a refugee in 2002, 33-year-old Acsana Fernando has not been able to earn much more than the minimum wage.

Her usual monthly take-home pay after taxes is between $1,100 and $1,300, she says.

Fernando says she can’t afford to pay $133.75 at the start of the month for a bus pass,

Life was even harder a few years back. She needed to save $33,000 to sponsor her father coming to Canada,

When she has the time, she also tries to volunteer for a Catholic charity and a labour group called the Workers Action Centre, which helped her father when he injured himself working at a restaurant in Toronto.

via Minimum wage in Canada: One womans story – Canada – CBC News.