Missing man media crime event

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It’s always difficult to determine what’s real and what’s not in the media when a story first begins. Have fun with this new one.

My usual disclaimer: I don’t know if this is true or not — I certainly hope if it’s real that no harm comes to this person. If it’s not a true story, I curse those that would deceive the public.

The search continues today for a 52-year-old Whitby man who has not been seen since he apparently left his home to go jogging early Monday.

via Search Results | Toronto Star | Toronto Star.

First online evidence of this case is the daughter’s (fresh — maybe she just heard of twitter or resisted using it) twitter account.


The daughter has great twitter friends: seems like most are twittering the story out of their missing friend’s father.






Some of her friends are fresher than others (ie. hardly any tweets).

Please post your findings below.

Update 1/15

The family photo is quite odd, granted not everyone takes a good picture, and often pose the same way throughout photos, but the expressions of the father in both pictures is odd and similar. Is the father’s image the same image, slightly altered?

Analysis shows some tampering:



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24 thoughts on “Missing man media crime event

    1. Tom

      effort at maintaining some narrative and credibility. web sleuths?… columjaddica mentioned them before. Is it a completely contrived forum? That’s what I’m thinking. It provides the spooks a way of maintaining a narrative from sitting at a computer whilst suggesting the illusion that ”web sleuths” are on their side.

      This could give the real web sleuths – us! – a bad name 🙂

  1. JohnnyClues

    Update on this “story”


    Here’s a few “lines” from the link above

    The mysterious disappearance of 52-year-old high school teacher Jeffrey Boucher took another turn this week
    when police announced they were calling off the search for the Whitby, Ont., man, with one detective commenting
    that “Mr. Boucher quite simply appears to have vanished.”

    “Most of those cases do not end in a positive way,” Mendelson told CBC Radio’s Metro Morning on Wednesday.

    Mendelson theorizes that Boucher’s case will turn out in one of three ways: First, that the married father
    of two had a medical issue while jogging and his body was missed in the search, or second, that he took his
    own life and took steps beforehand to ensure he wouldn’t be found.The third scenario, which Mendelson said is
    the most unlikely, is that Boucher is alive and well somewhere and has “gone to great efforts to completely
    vaporize off the face of the earth.”

    Mendelson said that staging your own disappearance is easier than you would think and that people have been
    doing it for decades.


    IMO – This “story” is Absolute Bullshit Lies !

        1. Tom

          Ha! How on earth could the police rule out foul play? This is a total absurdity surely? He went missing on Monday, and they haven’t got a clue what happened to him. It’s Wednesday and they’ve ruled out foul play but haven’t got a clue what happened to him. Are the Toronto public so trusting in anything the news media says, that this is just accepted ? I know the answer is probably ”Yes, like the rest of the civilised world” but… It’s outrageous IF it was REAL. It’s funny, because it isn’t real you can get away with pretty much anything. It’s that Vicsim principle. No real victim, no real comeback… Here’s Carcasole reporting. Canadians.globalnews.ca/news/1083464/whi…

  2. ab Post author

    Oh dear, the magicK numbers.


    However, the 17-year-old tweeted another message earlier this week that has raised some eyebrows.

    That message, which she has since deleted, expressed concern for her dad’s whereabouts late Sunday — the night before he vanished.

    “That was a false alarm,” Bettina said Wednesday.

    She said her dad went out for a run around 9 p.m. and didn’t return home until around 11 p.m.

    But her father told her he went “for a really long run” because “he was just enjoying the weather.”

      1. Tom

        Ok. I’m tired. 36 hours on shift. I’m mildly discombobulated.

        Not by the (non) story about the cash in the drawer at the School, which I would say is a little narrative of obfuscation and credibility building, no I’m mildly discombobulated by Bettina Boucher ( pronounced Boo Shay ) and the tweets.

        We are told that some ‘eyebrows were raised’ from family over a tweet from Sunday night which she has since deleted which expressed concern for her Dad out running. She said it was a false alarm as he was just out enjoying the weather. This alone stretches credibility – how often were they losing him?

        But, having looked at her twitter thread on Tuesday I hadn’t notice that tweet. What I did notice was only a single tweet from Sunday 12th referring to her ‘gramps’. I posted about on this thread. There was a further tweet regarding her father missing out running, from the morning of the 13th, I believe, but I now regret not having taken a screenshot ( i normally would – long story) as these two tweets have now disappeared leaving a gap.

        Maybe there was another tweet from Sunday originally but I didn’t see it. I only saw one tweet from Sunday and they removed it.

        Is this obfuscation? Was this planned narrative or is it reactionary.
        All things considered, I don’t think we need to feel too unsure whether this is an op or not.

        This just disappearing thing…there’s one in the UK now with a three year old…just disappeared…invisible enemy…oooo…spooky….disappeared like magick.

        Like bullshit, is the truth.

        1. Tom

          I have to ask. What the hell is going on with that name tag at the top of this post? It’s like it’s stuck over another name beginning with a J. Now that’s weird – is it Jenny? I can’t be comfortable with that. It looks just ready to pluck off and leave Jenny or whoever as the poster haha! What is that Tim? What is that all about please? And while I’m here, what’s with the occasional highlighting of certain words and lines in posts on the site…are these weird quirks of the software?

          1. ab Post author

            I’m not sure why it puts the name tag over the date on some comments and not others. I have a lot of different plugins running, some may conflict with each other. The software is quite imperfect.

  3. Tom

    The wife and the daughter have that Sandy Hook glimmer in their eyes I think…

    ”We hope he had LAYERS” – that from the police chief. Yeh. Let’s hope he was wearing an extra sweat shirt.
    No foul play expected? How do they know that?

  4. Tom

    I find Bettina Boucher’s last twitter post before her father disappeared to be interesting twitter.com/bettinaboucher/sta…

    ”Live saturday night with gramps. Well.. I hope he is alive”

    It feels like too much of a coincidence that this, suddenly VERY public twitter feed, goes so neatly from Bettina ( if only in jest ), hoping that a direct paternal figure is alive – to the presumed reality of her doing just that.

    Is this suggestion? Nurturing the story along…putting it in our heads subliminally.?..Of course, expanding the family adds credibility too ( you know, they really were ‘alive’ there ‘sat night’), but perhaps that weirdly-worded twitter remark could be seen to work a trick too .

    I still have to remember that the word LIVE, of course, itself is an old tool of control – a psyop – in itself. To read it backwards we find EVIL. if we don’t ‘live’ in the prescribed order we find ‘evil’. It totally fits the old hell as a ‘stick’ meme. Excuse the tangent. Here’s Gramps and Betty – ‘Live Saturday Night’.

    1. Tom

      UPDATE: Lo and behold, the aforementioned tweet saying ‘Live saturday night with Gramps. Well.. I hope he is alive” has been removed from Bettina’s twitter ‘wall’. There’s now a gap between 10 and 13th. The post I quoted and where the above picture was from, was originally posted on 12th Jan and was the last post before her father’s disappearance. It still showed on her wall yesterday. I posted that and it’s now disappeared hours later… Whatever 🙂

      1. ab Post author

        If it’s really important, take screenshots. Digital can be changed instantly as we know. Thanks for helping me sort this out. You’re making a difference!

    2. Tom

      Further, considering this was supposed to be from last Saturday night, it does also seem a little strange that there appears to be a mini Christmas tree in the background of this picture.

  5. Tom

    Ah…the man in grey… just disappeared…teacher…

    I’m not a regular Twitter user so I’m not the best person to look at this perhaps as it does seem to be twitter led. However, I had a look anyway and it started looking a little ”on the huh” as we say in Soham, Fenland near Ely, Cambridgeshire England.
    Starting with Bettina Boucher’s bizarre Monday night tweet as quoted in the by the Toronto – ( ” I miss my Dad. It’s been 24 hours” complete with a moving black and white family portrait. Why the FUCK would any sane daughter tweet that she MISSED her father at that point.? After 24 hours? He’d hardly been gone!!! Surely she would have been worried out of her mind desperate to find him? – weird.

    From this quote I was then drawn to a picture of Bettina being interviewed by the media. This struck me as looking staged. The faux-vexxed lady on the left and the inappropriately emotionally unstable reporter on the right, whilst Bettina stands impassive. twitter.com/MarkCarcGlobal/med…

    I dunno…it starts to feel a bit Sandy Hooky….haha anyway…the twitter web develops

    1. Tom

      The Photo i meant to post. Faux- distress from the reporters? Minimal human complication. Arms coming in with microphones giving the impression it’s going ‘Global’.

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