Questioning the chess pieces

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Interesting tid-bits about the power structure, the chess pieces. I don’t know who controls the pieces, but it sure is interesting identifying the players. PShea is keeping this thread hopping with his questions.…

psheaJanuary 12, 2014 at 5:07 AM

what are your views on the (and the Italian patrician families) and their past and present role in world affairs, jim, don, ian and clare? this should be interesting.



  1. For the most part I stick to and in my research. In JFK you’ll see names like Giancana and Marcello. They were both front men for Meyer Lansky (Jew).

  2. That’s right, Don; just misdirect and ignore the question. A classic diversionary response and tactic (should go without saying though really, as that’s your MO). I personally didn’t expect anything more from a 0;Jews, Jews, Jews, it’s all teh Jews” bonehead such as yourself. If you’re not an out and out Coadjutor and shill, you’re definitely one hell of a misled and naïve man.

    The clear power of the Jesuit Order does seem to scare lackies like you. After all, even in a reply to a question directly referencing and related to them, you can’t even bring yourself to mention their name! Let alone deal with the topic! What a joke.

  3. Who owns the Federal Reserve? That’s right Jews. Jews run banking, the media, Hollywood and the most powerful lobby in DC is AIPAC. Jesuits don’t come up very often in these big events like 9/11. I didn’t see a van load of Catholics high fiving each other as the WTC buildings exploded.

    JFK was a Catholic and the Jews took him out. Most of the lawyers on the Warren Commission were Jews.

    How powerful are those Jesuits again?

  4. How powerful are the Jesuits? Why not take a look at the US Supreme Court, just for one, and find out. Because the Jesuits rule the US Judiciary and are the supreme Judges of the land! The powerhouse Jesuit Georgetown University are the true rulers of the US Government.

    You say that Jesuits don’t ‘come up very often’. You couldn’t be more wrong. They come up frequently. They are always there, in the shadows and the background. The reason you “think” they don’t is because 99.9% of the alternative media including yourself ignore them, and do so deliberately! They simply don’t talk about them. And on that rare occasion that they are pushed to, it is simply to dismiss and ridicule the idea. The power of Rome and the Jesuits is something that is being steadfastly protected!

    Something you may have trouble understanding is that the Jews are DELIBRATELY placed at the front of many of these organisations. They are put right on a plinth for all to see! It’s a classic case of misdirection (something you’d know quite a lot about). These powerful Jews are being used as “frontmen” for the even more powerful forces behind them. All of the organisations and sectors you named have Jesuits operating amongst them, but rarely do they place themselves at the front as Chairman! They prefer to be BEHIND the curtain, using the Jews as proxy and patsy!

    Hell, why do think they ALLOWED Larry Silverstein to buy up the WTC Complex!? The first time in its history that it is ever sold, and it is sold openly to a Jew just before its destruction! What you are seeing is sleight of hand! It is a magicians , nothing more!

  5. Who benefited from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars? The ? It’s rather apparent those wars were fought to maintain Israeli hegemony over the Middle East. Israel can’t allow another country to challenge it’s dominance.

  6. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that Israel and its Labor Zionist hierarchy don’t have power. However, their power is subject to the Vatican and the Jesuit Order. They are simply peons and serfs; “Court” Jews that are serving their ‘Papal Caesar’ and the Order Of Orders, the Jesuits. Israel is being ‘held’ for the benefit of the Jesuits, who are controlling both sides of the equation: Islam and Judaism.

    If Israel held all the power, then why is the first thing that both Peres and Netanyahu did after being elected was jump straight on a plane to Rome. And Arafat for that matter, too. They all know whom they serve! And it’s those most devious of all Orders, the Jesuits! If Israel, Zionism and the Jews was the be-all and end-all, then why did Peres GIVE the majority of Jerusalem, including Temple Mount to the Vatican and the Pope! As dictated by the Oslo Accords. The truth really is obvious when you know where to look. And, All Roads Lead To Rome!

13 thoughts on “Questioning the chess pieces

  1. Jan Erik

    The quality of education given to the lower class must be of the poorest sort, so that the moat of
    ignorance isolating the inferior class from the superior class is and remains incomprehensible to the
    inferior class.

    1. Jan Erik

      Court Jew:…

      Venice – a city located within the marshes of the river Po and at the top of the Adriatic Sea was founded around 532 CE by Sarmatian noble family refugees fleeing the Byzantine Empire and the capital crime issued by Justinian that practicing Sarmatians religion (demon worship and human sacrifice by burning) was a capital crime.

      The word “Venice” comes from the Latin veneti, which is equivalent to the Greek etenoi, which means “Praisworthy/Chosen”. It is the title self impossed by the Sarmatians claiming to be the only race “chosen by God”, with all other cultures, races and people doomed to fire and fodder.

      The title became their unofficial resistance cry against the Byzantines in forming new settlements in Spain and the top of the Adriatic.

      Early Venice — a famous Jewish state

      Prior to the wholesale revision of history to hide the obvious historical facts, Venice was known as one of the most famous Jewish States of the early middle ages. After Septimania was captured by the Umayyad caliphate in the 7th Century, Venice became the last purely Jewish state on the Mediterranean in history until the formation of Israel in 1948.

      Within one hundred and fifty years of their exile from Sarmara , the colonists of Etenoi (Veneti) has signed a trade pact with Byzantine that enabled the Jewish trading states of Septimania in Spain, Egypt and Venice to move their vessels past Constantinople to Samara, the capital of the Khazars in the Black Sea.

      During the formation of the Catholic Church and invasion of Rome and then later the rise of the Abbasid Islamic Khazar Dynasty, Venice became a key ally to Constantinople.

      The dominance of the Urseoli Clan

      Of all the Doges that ruled Venice, the Urseoli clan were without question the most powerful ruling Venice as Sarmatian Jewish Wizard Priest-Kings for over 200 years (9th century to 11th century) before being thrown out by the citizens of Venice.

      Venetian leaders did not become nominally Christian until late in the 12th century, even then in outward behaviour.

      Venice’s long decline started in the 15th century, when it first made an unsuccessful attempt to maintain Thessalonica against the Ottomans (1423-1430). It also sent ships to help defend Constantinople against the besieging Turks (1453).

      After the city fell to Sultan Mehmet II he declared war on Venice. It lasted thirty years and cost Venice much of its eastern Mediterranean possessions. Next, Spain discovered the New World. Then Portugal found a sea route to India, destroying Venice’s land route monopoly. France, England and Holland followed them. Venice’s oared galleys could not traverse the great oceans. It was left behind in the race for colonies.

      The Black Death devastated the general non-Sephardic population of Venice in 1348 and once again between 1575 and 1577. In three years the plague killed some 50,000 people. In 1630, the plague killed a third of Venice’s 150,000 citizens.

      Venice began to lose its position as a center of international trade during the later part of the Renaissance as Portugal became Europe’s principal intermediary in the trade with the East, striking at the very foundation of Venice’s great wealth, while France and Spain fought for hegemony over Italy in the Italian Wars, marginalising its political influence.

      However, the Venetian empire was a major exporter of agricultural products and, until the mid-18th century, a significant manufacturing center.

      After 1070 years, the Republic lost its independence when Napoleon Bonaparte on May 12, 1797, conquered Venice during the First Coalition.

      Venice became Austrian territory when Napoleon signed the Treaty of Campo Formio on October 12, 1797. The Austrians took control of the city on January 18, 1798. It was taken from Austria by the Treaty of Pressburg in 1805 and became part of Napoleon’s Kingdom of Italy, but was returned to Austria following Napoleon’s defeat in 1814, when it became part of the Austrian-held Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia.

      In 1848-1849 a revolt briefly reestablished the Venetian Republic under Daniele Manin. In 1866, following the Third Italian War of Independence, Venice, along with the rest of the Veneto, became part of newly created Kingdom of Italy.

      The bizarre exclusion of Venice from World War II

      Venice was officially part of the Axis powers territory of Catholic Fascist dictators in World War II. However, it has the unique distinction of being the only major city of any Axis power to neither be bombed nor attacked during World War II — the claimed Operation Bowler being a 15 minute single side show undertaken in March 1945 which claimed not one civilian life –largely to prove the Allies had done something against the Nazis stationed in Venice since the start of the war.

      The historic importance of Venice in terms of art treasure and architecture was far less than many of the cities totally destroyed by Allied and Axis bombing in World War II, particularly in Germany.

      How such a strategic city was ignored in World War II has never been properly explained.…

      The concept of the “Chosen People” of Seytan (Satan) as a doctrine of the religion of Manes was first embedded into the sacred scripture called “the mirror of way of god” or “Sisa SedaRam” and “good deeds; reward” or “Mizdah”.The Mizdah was then divided into six (6) books called Seyda meaning “books of worship to Seytan (Satan)”.

      The key terms and conditions of the “covenant” and the right to use the title of the “Chosen People” of Seytan (Satan) remaining in force was first simply outlined by ArdaShah I (224-244 CE) in the context of the Manes Cosmology:

      (i) As Seytan (Satan) being the Father and King of Darkness is the ruler of the earth and all that is below, all scripture and worship should rightly be in his name; and

      (ii) To remain in honor with the Father and King of Light and the Heavens (Abba de Rabban), all Kings must rule justly, truthfully and fairly; and

      (iii) Seytan (Satan) is the “Kha Shekha” (Ruler of learning, teaching and knowledge) and therefore “great teacher” so that knowledge and wisdom is to be respected and never corrupted; and

      (iv) Respecting the Free will of all men and women is a matter of principle and honor to both the King of Darkness and King of Light to maintain balance.

      (v) Prophets of the Father of Greatness must never be obstructed or killed.

      The concept of the “Chosen People” of Seytan (Satan) was refined in 300 CE by BalKhan Bab Rabban and the production of the first version of the Babylonian Talmud in which the name of Seytan (Satan) was replaced as “Sabaoth” only permitted to be pronounced by the most high priests. In all other cases, the name of the deity of the “covenant” was to be called by the word “gadan” or “gad” meaning “one who overpowers, defeats, injures or rapes”.

      Additions to the key terms and conditions of the “covenant” and the right to use the title of the “Chosen People” of Seytan (Satan) now as “gad” or “god” were added within the publication of the original Talmud by Baba Rabban in 300 CE:

      (i) The true name of Seytan (Satan) and his nature as the Father and King of Darkness and the ruler of the earth and all that is below is the highest of all knowledge reserved only for those deemed “worthy” as scholars (hermeneutics); and

      (ii) To remain in honor with the Father and King of Light and the Heavens (Abba de Rabban), a King must do more than simply rule justly, truthfully and fairly, they must live humbly, frugally (without excess) and be the living “servant of the people”; and

      (iii) As Sabaoth (Satan) is the “Kha Shekha” (Ruler of learning, teaching and knowledge) and therefore “great teacher”, not only should knowledge and wisdom be respected and never corrupted, there must be schools and academies to teach knowledge to those willing to learn; and

      (iv) The Father of Greatness and Light gives all men and women Five Shekhinas (Tabernacles) being Intelligence, Reason, Thought, Reflection and Will. Therefore, only when men demonstrate good use of these gifts shall they be respected.

      The Shah dynasty of ArdaShah I (224-244 CE) of Persia were not the first to claim the idea of the “Chosen People” or “People of the Covenant”. Many earlier civilizations claimed such a right:

      (i) Arguably one (1) of oldest covenants in history as “Chosen People” of the Divine Creator being the Cuilliaéan priests of Ireland known as the “Cornerstones of the Divine” from at least the 6th Millennium BCE; and

      (ii) One (1) of the oldest covenants to the forces of darkness as “Chosen People” were the priests of Ur from the 3rd Millennium BCE worshipping Nanna, also known as Ishtar, Cybele, Athena and Astarte.

      By definition, the scriptures of the Manes, also known as the Aryans, also known as the Samaritans and Sephardi and later known as the Jews have never claimed to represent a covenant of the “Chosen People” with the Father of Greatness, also known as the Divine Creator. Instead, the core covenant and claim of being the “Chosen People” was with Seytan, also known as Satan, also known as Sabaoth, also known as God, also known as the Father of Darkness.

      Any claim that the alleged covenant and phrase “Chosen People” between the Manes was with the Father of Greatness, also known as the Divine Creator is an absurd and ill informed fraud, having no force nor effect legally or lawfully.

      Additions to the key terms and conditions of the “covenant” and the right to use the title of the “Chosen People” of God (Satan) were added within the publication of the Jerusalem Talmud under the Jesuits in the 16th Century CE including, but not limited to:

      (i) The faithful (now called “Jews”) are forbidden to return to their Homeland (now called Israel as Palestine) until after the tribulation, the fulfilment of the prophecies, the return of the messiah; and

      (ii) Six million (6 000 000) of the very best of the faithful (“Jews”) must perish as suitable sacrifice to God (Satan) called a “Holocaust” as atonement during tribulation before being permitted to return; and

      (iii) The tribulation shall last one thousand two hundred sixty (1260) days / years; and

      (iv) There shall be a New World Order where all worship God (Satan).

      While it may be legitimately argued that the key terms and conditions of the “covenant” and right to use the title of the “Chosen People” of God (Satan) were fundamentally breached by the Society of Jesus in their actions commencing in the 16th Century, particularly with the corruption of the Babylonian Talmud and the false introduction of the Septuiginta into the scriptures of the “Jews” and Christians, it may also be technically argued that the covenant was sufficiently modified to permit its continuance up to the 20th Century.

      While it may be technically argued that previous fundamental breaches to the key terms and conditions of the “covenant” and right to use the title of the “Chosen People” of God (Satan) as early as the 16th Century CE were offset by modification to the terms within the Jerusalem Talmud and Babylonian Talmud, no valid lawful or legal argument may argue the covenant has been in force and effect since 1945 due to the deliberate manufacture of the “fulfilment” of the covenant by the Vatican, Jesuits and Kahila in World War II through the murder of six million people by fire, the creation of the State of Israel and the United Nations.

      1. ala samoan

        Hey Jan did you get the “Chosen People” of Seytan information from the “one heaven” site. I can’t find much information on it, unless I search Babylonian Talmud which comes up with different information, mainly about the origins of the Talmud.

        Also any more links on the Venetian’s, I’ve heard you talk about them. I’m trying to find any links to them and the Zoroastrian 13 families, there’s info. out there but I’m not too sure how reliable it is. Thanks

  2. ArmunnRigh

    The “It’s the Jews” / “It’s the Jesuits” debate is arid because it’s both. They are so close to each other in mentality and methods that I would even find it fair to be said that they are one and the same, belonging and not belonging to their groups at the same time. To play the part of a chess piece, to belong to an empowering paradigm or position, is the secret wet dream of all followers.
    Followers are psychopaths waiting for their chance. Both groups mentioned are led and filled with psychopaths, but they are also followers themselves.

    1. aybesea

      all roads don’t lead to Rome.. I went down them and it was a dead end.

      sure it’s psychopath’s. because they are known to work together and recognizing this trait in themselves they help each other out in their end game. Propping the Jesuit path and Jew path.. sure, dude…. You have a lot of reading to do. maybe stay away from this junk of “it’s all fake” and get to what is real. Stop lying to yourself and keeping your information censored.

      I see Ab is now starting to claim it’s ALL ROME and well, maybe it’s not all fake anymore..hahahaha. good stuff.

      1. ArmunnRigh

        If you truly believe that the whole problem arises from one group alone, then clearly, it seems to me, you have not done enough self observation. I say this because most of us here, as a mere example sample, would act or are even already acting exactly like the group perceived as the enemy – just provide the circunstances, the pressure, the temptation of power even.

        Nothing that was accomplished by any minority group would have been possible without the willing and active cooperation of a huge number of non-members. Personally, I let nobody off the hook for it – neither the conspiring group nor the obedient followers. To me, both are guilty of psychopathy.

      2. ala samoan

        Tim sim, it’s not about what “you” think, and “your” journey, the path that “you” have taken to reach “your” conclusions. Nor is it about my journey and my current conclusions. If it was, we all would be fools of groupthink, going down the same rabbit holes as a collective.

        Places like this are for those who wish to participate, to voice their opinion, to learn and share information.

        People like Ab, myself, and others (BTW I’ve been looking into Freemasonry and the Vatican since 1995) who are researching Jesuit current control and history, are doing so by choice, this is every individuals own personal journey, it’s not all about “Tim sim” and the path you have taken.

        It’s natural in places like this to have different point of views, which is healthy.

  3. ala samoan

    Good discussion “all roads lead to Rome”

    Jesuits own the U.S, start your research with the Carroll family. It’s run though the CFR, Head of the CFR is Richard Haass who is a Jew a 33rd Freemason and Knight of Malta who gets his instructions from Georgetown University, Obama answers to Timothy M Dolan of New York.

    The Jesuit links are everywhere, not though race or family name name but though the organizations they founded or now control.

  4. knagjak

    Too me the point is to open your mind too all questionable cases of corruption and deceit. Of-course good thorough investigations do take time, but just because you don’t research that similar topic as much as the next guy doesn’t make neither right or wrong. Say Jesuits, Jews? Sounds relate-able to me. I see all this pointing fingers of your either an op or an idiot because you got the wrong bad guy that planned it all. Its pointless. We are all searching for solutions and insight here and the big picture is a lot bigger in my view. The arguments are great but its turning into politics on the subject. 9-11 event opened my eyes a for years to come and in the past two years its amazing how i and my values etc. have changed. I meet and talk to many people now. Arguments and heated conversations happen. But we definitely do not need to continuously fight amongst ourselves over this. Its what the beast wouldn’t pay attention too. The search for truth is becoming a search for love and enlightenment as well as we see more and more evil. Opening mind is opening heart has well.

    1. aybesea

      without knowing your enemy, solutions will never happen. Look at sites like this and others, the only solution they promote is.
      it’s all fake, nothing to worry about, everything is not real it’s just a game being played a mystery ghost cabal. Sure fakery exists but who has the means to carry this out and who benefits the most from this fakery? This Jesuit stuff is such “old hat” at this point. Go back to Bible because that’s worked out well.. All these craps are Abrahamic lies. who wrote those lies…..

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