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Just like alchemy

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EE with a post that sums up my doubts nicely.

What about the processes of Nuclear Fission and perhaps even Radioactive Decay? Are they hoaxes, too?

Both processes seem uncannily similar to the medieval fraud of Alchemy – turning worthless base metals into silver and gold. And Alchemy and Fission both run counter to the first principle of rudimentary chemistry: that chemical elements – the building blocks of the universe – cannot be broken down, or modified, into other elements.


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Reporters are intelligence officers

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John Miller from CBS/CIA on how reporters and intelligence officers are essentially the same.

“there’s almost no difference”

“you become a briefer”

“The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” – William Colby, Former CIA Director

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9/11 manifesto

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PsyOp writers must know Americans like their superheroes. Why else would they create such brilliant supercriminals? These supercriminals like to write never content with their supercrimes standing on their own.

The mastermind of the September 11 terrorist attacks has penned a 36-page manifesto in an effort to convert his lawyers and the judge in the ‘kangaroo court’ to Islam.

via 9/11 mastermind renounces violence in a 36-page manifesto | Mail Online.

Who can forget supercriminal Ted Kaczynski, with his amazing manifesto?

I noticed they’ve really upped the pixel count in their latest image creation lab of our 9/11 supercriminal. It’s so clear, isn’t it?

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

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