Just like alchemy

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EE with a post that sums up my doubts nicely.

What about the processes of Nuclear Fission and perhaps even Radioactive Decay? Are they hoaxes, too?

Both processes seem uncannily similar to the medieval fraud of Alchemy – turning worthless base metals into silver and gold. And Alchemy and Fission both run counter to the first principle of rudimentary chemistry: that chemical elements – the building blocks of the universe – cannot be broken down, or modified, into other elements.


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1 thought on “Just like alchemy

  1. knagjak

    Great argument. Sheds more light on the fact that the scientific community obviously needs a complete reform. With corrupted interests controlling the funding of scientific research, truthful in its entirety or not, who knows how far it will continues and how far it went back. Evidence of lies in this magnitude can be found in fallen civilizations. So its defiantly possible that a lot of our so called factual memes we acquired over decades are nothing more than a mental handcuff designed for a greater sinister cause.

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