Reporters are intelligence officers

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John Miller from CBS/CIA on how reporters and intelligence officers are essentially the same.

0;there’s almost no difference”

“you become a briefer”

“The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” – William Colby, Former CIA Director

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4 thoughts on “Reporters are intelligence officers

  1. tsisageya

    Is all this a polite way of saying that media knows on which side it’s bread is buttered, aka who’s ass to brown -nose? For a few years now, I’ve been noticing the media. More and more I find myself saying, Who teaches this journalism? What is happening? This is bullshit.

    I’ll say the same for the motherfucking CIA too, or any other brand of “intelligence” officers.

    I hope I’m not missing the point but I could be.

  2. elbuggo

    Re: My best guess is that they are trained to be compliant

    Well, trained and trained, as I understand it, the editor is controlling his newspaper via osmosis. A promising reporter can simply smell what to stay away from. And if the reporter can interview other actors and make it look credible, he can reach the level of Diane Sawyer and become a member of the very well paid team for special operations. This is how I understand it at least. Very long piece here on Media 101 if interested:…

  3. khammad

    Do we remember the WW2 propaganda reels? Do we remember how no news agency filmed FDR in his wheel chair? How does a news agency get such compliance? My best guess is that they are trained to be compliant, it is their job, meaning they work for some agency.

    About 2 years back I bought some WikiLeak items in support of their effort. Since then I have come to find out they might just be the CIA. To my way of thinking, if WikiLeaks can be CIA, and remain controversial, then for any other non-controversial news agency, it’s a piece of cake.

    Notice how the WikiLeaks button closely resembles, of all the symbols, just the CIA’s.

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