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Sept 12, 2001

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Instructional to watch these day after newscasts to look for similarities with today’s hoaxcasts.

Then we were gripped with each new scary detail, now we look for each new lie or tell. Perspective is everything.

Peter Jennings always came across as the most sincere talking head anchor. If he really died as/when we’re told, I wonder if the stress of telling/maintaining the biggest lie in modern history got to him.

Watch “9/11 ABC World News Tonight September 12 2001 630pm – 645pm WJLA 1 of 2” on YouTube

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Satellite exit strategy

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All psyops need an exit strategy, a way to let a scam wind up logically.

The nuke exit strategy is they’re too expensive and the waste too dangerous.

Let’s see how the “thousands” of satellites manifest when they get back down to earth.

Is a “mass-suicide” of the “man-made satellites” imminent?