Satellite exit strategy

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All need an exit strategy, a way to let a scam wind up logically.

The nuke exit strategy is they’re too expensive and the waste too dangerous.

Let’s see how the 0;thousands” of manifest when they get back down to earth.

Is a “mass-suicide” of the “man-made satellites” imminent?….

2 thoughts on “Satellite exit strategy

  1. Tom

    “With a large enough collision (such as one between a space station and a defunct satellite) ”

    We’re all thinking it. Is this the set-up? The ISS is going in for an Op! If the ISS was hit to begin it, it would add to the human story, and to be fair it would almost be worth it to temporarily suspend disbelief and imagine Chris Hadfield really did get obliterated whilst singing A Space Oddity.

  2. Tom

    oh that’s a good one. Perfect. Satellite shower scare stories and they’re into mythology. In the old days space was clear til we fucked it up with debris. Is this audacious narrative for real? hahaha!


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