Bullying propaganda gone wild?

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bullying_alexYou’ve just lost your only child days ago. Is three days later enough mourning to become selfless and campaign for mental health and anti-bullying? Combined with what looks like a piss-poor photoshop job and some bizarre statements from the grieving parents (along with a beyond comprehensible youtube video), we either have very bizarre behavior or another C grade to promote the anti-bullying meme.

“Most of you may not have known Alex,” Lachapelle said Friday, his wife standing beside him. “He left us a little bit too early.”

via Aurora high school wins $10,000 video contest days after filmmaker ends his life | Toronto Star.

I’ll leave this media story as suspicious, as I doubt any more clues will be revealed.

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18 thoughts on “Bullying propaganda gone wild?

  1. JohnnyClues

    There are many more pics that rubbed me the wrong way(for what it’s worth) like pic 33 – Spiderman putting up the devil horn salute….as well as plenty more pic with the infamous line going through ppl etc…..bad exposure? crap camera? perhaps….but in this day and age, I find it hard to believe…..I looked through many old photos when I was a child, and NO pics have these lines through the pics, so I question them…..go through the photos in your own time, and look into them all (before they take down the webpage).
    As I have stated, I may be completely wrong about these photos, but at least I am questioning them. When you have researched enough bogus stories in the past, which all have led to them being corrupted and false, the credibility of the media is totally lost……fool me once shame on……shame on you….you fool me you can’t get fooled again !

    1. psyopticon

      The lines are probably meant to be scratches which were common in the days of film photography. Whether they’re genuine scratches, who knows?! There’s a Photoshop filter for doing just that thing – adding fake scratches!

      Photos of a baby said to be “Alex” don’t really need faking. Few of us would recognise a 17 year old from his baby pics. They could be photos of any baby!

      The few photos of a baby boy with his father, may be genuine. There’s not much point in faking them. The actor posing as ‘Alex’s father, only has to claim the baby is his son “Alex”. Who’s to know otherwise? It might be his genuine living son!

      They’ve done a few of these PSYOPs in Britain. Recently, they used old photos of a living son, and claimed they were photos of his younger (vicsimmed) brother. A useful technique as it gives Nutworks a ready-made real family, all gelled together and ready to act out the bereavement, for their non-existent son/brother.

      That said, some of the photos of “Alex” are incredibly crap. Would a grieving family, in reality, send photos of their dead son which show his head crudely blobbed out using Photoshop?!

      If 99% of people believe the lie, that’s more than good enough for Nutworks! Job well done, lads! Now your next task is to fake some pics from the surface of Mars. Yawn!

  2. JohnnyClues

    To Be Clear – I am only questioning all these photos….the media has an insanely bad track record when it comes to lying, which is why I am questioning this story and the photos…..I might be wrong about every single picture and the issues….but at least I am questioning them, because someone has to….so my question to you is ” am I wrong” “do these pics looks normal and real to you” ” are these issues with the photos normal?” – JC

    Posting one pic at a time ( not going through all 62 pics- there are 64 pics now – I am questioning the ones that jumped out at me as suspicious)

  3. ab Post author

    From psyopticon, new user:

    Viz your thread on “Alex Roy-Lachapelle” – the sim who couldn’t live with being a photoshop fake and killed himself….

    This might just be Conspiracy Candy to distract from other flaws in the narrative but some of the faux-to-graphs of “Alex” look very iffy….

    This one is from the 62 photo album at DignityMemorial.com linked by JohnnyClues:


    See below.. Why are the foot and head blobbed out in that photo?!


    And then check out his teeth in these two images – quite a transformation – the wonders of cosmetic dentistry?!

    From this grotty mess:


    to this:


    side-by-side: imgur.com/BXdfeMP

    1. Tom

      Yes, fair to question whether these blatant fabrications, in this instance, are merely ‘Conspiracy Candy’. They seem so obvious to us.

      It’s the Vicsim principle as I see it. Who could the fabricators be expecting to examine these photographs, in any depth, with a critical eye? Not many people – in fact – quite possibly – NOBODY. If ab hadn’t plucked it out of the ether. This type of thing has gone on for years, unquestioned.

      The mere quantity of photographs – 62 brain aching obfuscations – and the fact it’s a child and a sensitive subject – it’s a no-brainer – the mass will be fooled.

      I’d say it’s built-in obfuscation. The pictures HAVE to be fake. They can’t be real in any way. That would only complicate things. It’s the magician’s technique. It only needs to be that. From our rare perspective it seems so obvious but we have to remember what we’re looking at here. We don’t need to get side-tracked –

      This really is just a complete load of bullshit. Prize won, narrative written, revenue streams nurtured.

  4. JohnnyClues

    Ab – I just tried the link and the page opened properly, so it hasn’t been taken down that I can see…..but I will take a screenshot of the webpage.

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