ep85-Simon Shack and OBF

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ep85-Simon Shack and OBF on Fetzer

Showtime: Sunday, January 19, 5:11pm

Guests: Simon Shack and OBF

The threads bashing and cluesforum.info over at the radiofetzer.blogspot.com have been going strong, thanks to the tireless work of OBF and Simon as well.

We will review this latest article from the Fetzer gang found here: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/01/18/simon-shack-obf-and-the-911-september

Simon’s response: http://www./viewtopic.php?t=732&p=2389014#p2389012

Hoi’s response to the article here:



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-why I talk about Fetzer (only show), it’s where 9/11 researchers go

-took obf to wake Fetzer up to

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However, the indefensibility of the Judy Wood Cult’s non-theory pales in comparison to the utterly ludicrous rantings of the September Clues forum. Simon Shack and others have constructed an utterly bizarre 9/11 mythology which would have you believe that the Twin Towers were completely vacant after the 1993 bombing, that nobody died on 9/11 and that the entire event was a Hollywood-style production, where the actual destruction of the WTC buildings was obscured by military smoke-machines.



Summary thanks to Jason of http://fauxcapitalist.com/2014/01/30/summary-of-fakeologist-radio-episode-85-with-simon-shack-and-onebornfree/

Here is the summary I prepared of Fakeologist Radio Episode 85 with Simon Shack and Onebornfree, consisting mostly of the last two hours.

Some interesting things were mentioned in the first hour, so be sure to check out the archive.

For my summary of the last episode with Simon Shack, see here.

54m – Eric Darton’s 1999 book, Divided We Stand, about the WTC buildings being evacuated after the 1993 bombing
55m – He wrote that 30,000 people were displaced
1h – OBF said Darton looks like Steve Rosenbaum
1h2m – Simon half-jokingly said that Ab should interview Rosenbaum
1h11m – High quality images of 9/11 came out in one block, by NIST, only in 2010, through CBS FOIA request
1h12m – Most of them were highly rendered Rosenbaum videos
1h13m – Asked are we supposed to believe that NIST just left those high quality videos in the drawer until 2010?
1h14m – OBF questioned low resolution “live” footage when they had expensive lenses back then, and they were even worse than some “amateur” footage
1h35m – Willie Rodriguez’s role was to justify smoke from ground level of towers before they collapsed
1h37m – No numbered plates on toasted cars
1h38m – Said they took cars from a junkyard and photoshopped it to make it look like they’re in Manhattan, and it served Judy Wood’s purposes
1h41m – What about USGS dust data? It could’ve been faked, and OBF posted a link about faked data from them in other cases
1h43m – Said acoustical recordings are fake because audio and video tracks don’t match up, because they are separate, and someone forgot to switch audio track when video changed
1h46m – OBF said Hezerkhani hit sounds like a standard Windows sound file of a cabinet slamming
1h46m – Laughing at how they have the sound of an ambulance in one scene, and then it changes to a completely different scene and you still have the same ambulance sound!
1h48m – OBF has been threatening to tell his Clare Kuehn story sometime – Ab said she has a great way of obfuscating
1h48m – Simon said she felt she was a little bit off, and she gave him $3, saying that was all she had
1h49m – Simon said she’s an amazing wordsmith
1h53m – Simon said they’re aiming at the lowest common denominator, not aiming at serious researchers
2h8m – Said Richard Hall’s hologram work was aimed at the lowest common denominator, and the purpose was to claim that the footage was real
2h9m – Simon said there was money behind Ace Baker’s production
2h10m – Don Fox said Simon and OBF are shilling for Israel by denying nukes used on 9/11
2h12m – Simon said it’s obvious lot of Jews or Israelis were involved
2h14m – He asked, don’t the Jews own the media?
2h15m – OBF said he doesn’t care
2h16m – Simon said we don’t have the capacity to understand how the power structure is organized
2h25m – Ab said he never would’ve considered nuclear weapons a scam without what he discovered about 9/11
2h38m – Simon said they’ve been scaring you to go move freely on the internet
2h40m – Don Fox’s misdirection against Simon
2h43m – Tycho Brahe suspected of killing Kepler
2h46m –
2h48m – Said engineering wise, the space shuttle is absolutely crazy
2h50m – Simon talks about his father, who passed away in 1990

0;The February 1993 blast in the basement of the World Trade Center killed 6 people, injured 1,000 others, displaced 50,000 workers, and threw 900 Vista Hotel and Windows on the World employees out of work, but it also provided a modest boost for the regional economy. This, at any rate, was the conclusion the Port Authority came to in an April 1993 report released six weeks after the bombing. (…) For the agency, this silver lining was due in part to the ease with which the 350 bombed-out trade center tenants could be moved into abundant vacant office space nearby.”

Police footage of WTC

Olly Stone and Nicholas Cage






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    Although I believe that for an individual, with regards to their personal freedom, Simon Shack’s 911 research has extremely important ramifications, if you do not believe that Simon Shack’s 911 research is legitimate/ important , or true, I DON’T CARE. If you want to make me care then you would have to buy my time, otherwise, I have no interest in arguing with you to change your POV, or having you try to change my POV- I simply don’t have the [free] time.

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  2. UNreal

    I am of course very thankful for all of Cluesforum’s research, but would like to remind everyone that Simons Shack is also a very gifted musician and that Simon’s band ‘The Social Service’ have released the September Clues Soundtrack wich includes many great songs, most songs are available to listen to online for free and their album is only 15$ (IMHO well worth it).

    “Niagara” is really, really good.


  3. tsisageya

    1978-Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television by Jerry Mander. True, this knowledge has been around for a long time.

    I am really enjoying this broadcast. I don’t know who OBF is though.


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