Faking the power numbers

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The CANDU Bruce Nuclear Generating Station is ...

The CANDU Bruce Nuclear Generating Station is the second largest nuclear power plant in the world. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dumping electricity to our grid-neighbors is a regular occurrence in Ontario, allegedly. This flies in the face of my nuclear power plants are dump plants apparently, or does it? I assume someone somewhere is tracking the numbers, ie. lies, so perhaps since nukes have been in Ontario since the 1970s they can’t just say the excess electricity is going there, so they have to admit they dump it over the border.

Of course, if this was really happening, wouldn’t someone try and figure out a way to actually use this electricity? Perhaps some sort of battery, flywheel, or pumping water uphill. Wouldn’t it make more sense than paying a neighbor to take it?

It would if that excess electricity really went over the border. I am still convinced it’s being burned off at the fake nuke plants.

The following occult do nothing to convince me otherwise. I believe they’re simply made up based on the other fake numbers.

I know this is not a sexy psyOp. There are no bloodless legs or planes into buildings. This swindle, however, costs more to the average Joe than any other, and he’s reminded monthly as the bill comes in. Especially when the lights are out and it’s cold.

“It is an extraordinary expense that people are carrying on their electricity bills. We think this is a broken system,” Tabuns said, adding the cost to each of the 4.9 million Ontario ratepayers is about $0 a year.

While it costs 8.55 cents a kilowatt hour to produce electricity in Ontario, excess power was sold to five neighbouring jurisdictions — Michigan. New York, Minnesota, Manitoba and Quebec — for 2.65 cents/kWh., Tabuns said.

via Ontario paid $1 billion to dump excess electricity in 2013: NDP | Toronto Star.

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1 thought on “Faking the power numbers

  1. tsisageya

    It’s very interesting to me how we use the word ‘power’ these days. Power. POWER. POWER!!!

    I can only laugh and laugh.


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