Where are all the satellites?

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Sat talk is heating up. Here’s a good video that will pay you if you can find a satellite in the official footage.

You would think by now that they would come up with a good program to simulate stars and satellites. Is it too difficult or not worth the risk of being caught?

Is the thermosphere hot or not?
How do rockets work in a vacuum?
Why does the fake station rely in solar panels, but cars here in earth don’t?

What is taking the pictures of the ISS Fake station? The Canadaarm?

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8 years ago

This is a definite paradigm shift. Smart people believe this stuff.

I’m somewhat bereft over it. Still trying to get over it. It makes me scream but not cuss cuz I made a vow to not cuss anymore.

I’m tired though.

8 years ago

Perhaps it is NASA that is fake? I noticed in the footage that NASA seems to be filming from several different heights as sometime we see the earths protective atmosphere layer and then sometimes we don’t. It should also be noted that earth is not a perfect sphere, as the NASA footage shows. Earth bulges quite dramatically around the equator. At some point in the ISS’s journey around the earth, we should see a change in the curvature of the horizon, but we don’t. Is the ISS real? How can we know? However it is quite simple to show that… Read more »

Tom Dalpra
Tom Dalpra
8 years ago
Reply to  khammad

Dear khammad,

You came up with a very good idea. ‘Let’s start with removing all CGI footage and see what’s left’.

Simple but perfect. I duly went through every piece of NASA footage I could find and removed anything I deemed clearly fake ( I included underwater spacewalks in that).

This is what I was left with.

Some people do appear to be pulling strings still, but, I would say, though, I can’t know, that this is real footage.

Great shout. This is the reality of NASA.


8 years ago
Reply to  Tom Dalpra


Yes indeed, your video shows the “reality of NASA”. Good find.

MythBusters is more scientific than these guys, I had to laugh at how bored those guys were.

This reminds me of the Mars SkyCrane drop test. Still hard for me to believe this video is the full extend of testing.