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Photoshop family

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This story is hard to ignore. Not only does it seem outrageous in content, but the above photo looks like a horrible photoshop job. Is this even a real law, or is this a hoax trial balloon to test the public’s reaction to what appears to be a ridiculous regulation.

A British couple fined $1,800 and hit with a criminal record for an off-season vacation with their children has fuelled a countrywide debate about school holidays.

via British couple fined $1,800 for taking kids on holiday during school term | Toronto Star.

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Super 9/11

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Salon is hardly a worthy place to read anything, but it’s amusing that they’d even bother with this small bit of conspiracy candy.

But for those who remained less than totally convinced, Eve was willing to go one step further, reversing the perspective of the album cover in such a way that the letters U and P from Supertramp’s name look (kinda-sorta) like 9/11:

via How Supertramp got involved with one of the weirdest 9/11 truther conspiracies ever – Salon.com.

I do absolutely think Supertramp is one of the best bands ever.

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