Lac-Megantic hoax management

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Is it new public policy to not publish death records? Will births become secret too?

The purpose of this article is twofold: remind people of the original hoax, and then remove any possible sim-witnesses to potentially comment about the hoax.

Pulling his ex-girlfriend’s body from the rubble in Lac-Megantic, Que., led a young fireman to commit suicide, a coroner has ruled.

The report, issued this week, follows widespread warnings about the toll that Canada’s deadliest railway has taken on support staff.

The 25-year-old firefighter, whose name was redacted from the report, was one of the first responders to the train derailment and explosion on July 6.

via Lac-Megantic firefighter who found ex’s body committed suicide | Canada | News | Toronto Sun.

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1 thought on “Lac-Megantic hoax management

  1. khammad

    If this story is even true, as there is no way to vet the firefighter, it reminds me of the State Trooper that died in association with the bridge collapse in Seattle.

    5/23, 2013, the Seattle Corridor I-5 Skagit River Bridge Collapsed and in the aftermath, Trooper Sean O’Connell was killed on his motorcycle redirecting traffic to another bridge, a mile away. Traffic was just crawling and the back-up was miles and miles in both directions. I researched the trooper and he appears to be real (and a Boy Scout type, as evident in his photo). It does not seem possible that an experienced Trooper would crash his motorcycle and die in such slow traffic.

    In these types of cases, I get the feeling that the ones who die are the ones who won’t go along with the program, or at least give hints by past behavior they won’t. Sean O’Connell seems to have been a very honest man with high integrity.

    Here is how the scenario might go in order to deal with non-cooperative personnel :

    1) Plan the psyop. The beginning stages are on a need-to-know basis.

    2) Evaluations are done on all crucial personnel

    3) Specific personality types (to ensure cooperation) are recruited in stages.

    4) Potential non-cooperative personnel are identified, let’s call these people non-cooperatives (NC)

    5) NC’s are not brought into the fold, instead they are pushed out or terminated.

    6) In order to relieve some of the stress of the living cooperatives about the death of an NC, an over-the-top memorial is done to honor the fallen. The main goal at this stage is to show the living the trade-off.


    Cooperative: gets to live, perhaps gets a monthly stipend. Lives to old age, and when they dies, will have a regular funeral. Few, if any, other organizations will celebrate and honor the cooperative when he dies.

    Non-Cooperative: has to die, family get may money from a ‘fund’ or two. Will have funerals and memorials that honor and celebrate their dedication. Memorials might be built to show their selflessness and courage. Several organizations post their picture, post articles about their bravery, and they become legends. NC’s become more important and get more accolades in death than they ever could have gotten in life.

    Money and long life versus money for family and legendary death.

    Is it plausible t that this psychology enables the living to accept but a few sacrifices for the psyop? Also consider the strong personality types and egotistical nature of law enforcement, fire fighters, and agency personnel who would be desirous of such a monumental memorial at their own deaths.

    As far as people are concerned, it is nearly impossible to get 100% cooperation from any group of people, unless they are specifically hired for that purpose. What is to be done with those who are not cooperating?

    The history of modern psychological operations must have shown that merely paying off non-cooperatives doesn’t work. These people always talk. There is a long list of ‘witnesses’ dying a few years after an event in odd circumstances.

    Pre-empting this risk would seem like a reasonable thing to do according to the demented personalities that run these psyops.

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