Green Island seniors fire

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Update 1/26/2014 from

Two very degraded pictures of victims, and the tell-tale quote:

She always had a smile on her face,” Aubin Rioux, who has worked at the home for two years, said of Saindon.

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Don’t know if this story is real or not, but this Stephen Rosenbaum-like appeal for amateur footage raised my eyebrows:

Lapointe appealed to anyone who took pictures or videos after the fire broke out to contact police, explaining that visual evidence could be helpful in determining the cause of the fire and how it spread.…

1 thought on “Green Island seniors fire

  1. knagjak

    Plus nursing homes are not always places with the best atmosphere. Most workers are underpaid and over worked especially cleaning and taking care of the same person for years for low pay can take toll. Sounds like arson. Media story probably a cover up. Whether it being real or not no real conclusion will take place and will just be used to scare everyone. Like the passing mall shooting in Maryland. Im beginning to lose count in the murder suicides that are reported and nothing but talk about how bad guns are following the report. Nothing about whether the individual was on psychotic medications or not. But if the story was fake, wouldn’t need to go that far into the individual.

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