Weekly Nazi Stories

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Heinrich Himmler, leader of the SS and founder...

Heinrich Himmler, leader of the SS and founder of the Ahnenerbe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that I have Google look for 9/11 stories every day, I’ve decided to add to that list. Why? Because hardly a day goes by when there is a story, usually unverified, that doesn’t vilify the Nazis for their ultimate holocaust on jews. Fully seventy years later 0;new” stories are constantly surfacing. It’s pretty hard to substantiate any of them at this point, so one has to ask why bother?

The answer of course is psychic driving. Nevermind the slaughter (of Protestants) at Dresden, the mass starvation in the Ukraine, or all the other forgotten players in the mass sacrifice of WW2. We only hear of this singular meme of WW2. Could this be to continue to give those that run Israel (not just jews) an ongoing blank cheque (perhaps to fulfill their false prophecies to rebuild the Temple of Solomon). I really don’t know, but the fact that this goes on week after week, year after year is a harbinger of things to come for this generation.

9/11’s constant stories are modeled after the /Holocaust psyOp, which was perfected by the Russians (Germany’s main enemy), and continued on by the Allies to this day.

Therefore we can expect 9/11 stories for many, many years.

One black-and-white photo shows Heinrich Himmler on an idyllic family outing, holding his wife’s hand while his blond, pigtailed daughter is picking flowers. Others show the SS Nazi leader feeding a little fawn or taking a bath at Lake Tegernsee near his home in Bavaria.

The family-friendly, intimate scenes are part of a previously unseen collection of photos, recipe books and hundreds of letters and notes believed to be written by Himmler, one of the Nazis most responsible for the Holocaust.

via Top Nazi Heinrich Himmler’s letters published by newspaper | Toronto Star.

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Nazi Stories

  1. tsisageya

    I know, psyopticon.

    Today, I see Israel and what I’m told they are doing, saying but they have become the Nazi. I also believe that the entire U.S. government is traitorous in favor of Israel. Why? I have no clue. Wait, yes I do—money, money, money money.


    Money is not the big agenda though.

    Our own government has betrayed the people it vows to serve in the Constitution on some Bible , or other. Forget the past. Let’s look at the present.

  2. psyopticon

    The Holocaust Hoax is another myth that requires regular “plate-spinning” to keep it alive. Without routine top-ups and reminders, the whole toxic scam implodes in on itself. The recent dedication of a “Holocaust Memorial Day” serves now as an official platform for paying compulsory homage to these ghastly lies from the ’30s and ’40s. While our hapless school kids are indoctrinated through a compulsory curriculum in the nauseating narratives. Like the 911 Grand Scam, the Holocaust Hoax forms the credo for the New Religion in our Brave New World. And, for many Europeans, merely questioning the Holocaust carries the harshest criminal penalty. Ensuring that this odious PSYOP survives long past its sell-by date.

    Yet the Holocaust PSYOP doesn’t survive the most basic scrutiny. The testimonies at the show trials of Eichmann and Hoss (both sims?) were beyond ridiculous. Dead Bodies piled fifty metres high. *sigh*. And certainly it’s no secret that the NAZI Project was bankrolled and nurtured by the leading financiers of the “Allied” nations! Revealing that the NAZI “leaders” were mere puppets of a shadowy and sinister world government that was well under way by the 1930s.

    So how far back do these monstrous scams go? Surely we must include the Napoleonic Wars of 19th century Europe as a total fraud, too. Little people massacred by the thousand spurred on by insane nationalistic hysteria. Sick games of chess, humans sacrificed like pawns. And for what? Napoleon and his family of banksters (of whom Prince Philip is a descendant!) were witting puppets of the British Empire. Consolidating through imperial conquest and plunder great European wealth. And after these wars are done what truly becomes of the “enemy”? What really happened to the NAZI (puppet) leadership? What of Nicholas II? What of Wilhelm II, “arch-enemy” (and another first cousin!) of George V? What of Napoleon Bonaparte and his extended family? With the Empire victorious, were they all hanged at Traitors’ Gate? Nope they either vanished (“presume dead”), or were openly protected BY the Empire! Living out their days in the lap of luxury – in fine country houses, castles and palaces – gifts from the Empire for services rendered – their every whim attended by an army of royal maids & house servants!

  3. tsisageya

    Actually, I’m about to go all Christian Biblical prophesy up in here via Chris White. Maybe I should go away and stop speaking now. I have appreciated ab’s humor in all of this. Humor has been good for me. Also, his september clues appreciation has been good, although the worship seems a bit much. But, after awhile, I must go where I belong.

    Yes, I bet I should. I love you, though.

  4. tsisageya

    White supremacists make me ill. Those hanging on to Hitler and Nazis in order to push their agenda make me sick. In fact, white people make me sick, even though I am a white person.

    White people trying to proclaim their rights/heritage are like all people who think themselves exceptional in some way. Like America. Look around, white folks. See what you’ve done.

    But I’m not so sure Hitler and the Nazis are the role models you seek. I’m not so sure they’re what we’ve been told they are. Propaganda, apparently, is a powerful thing. I’ve been looking into it—trying to. For example: www.wintersonnenwende.com/scri…

    Talk about a paradigm shift, y’all.

    1. elbuggo

      That link must be the best recap I have ever red about that “1933 Judea Declares War on Germany”. Everyone should read that.

      I like this book by Lothrop Stoddard, Into The Darkness (1940). Really interesting first hand report from Germany 1940. About 200 pages: gutenberg.net.au/ebooks03/0300…

  5. columjaddica

    Google Alerts are great, only thing I miss after “deleting” my Google accounts. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of WN blogs out there that already cover the daily appearance of Nazi and holocaust articles

      1. tsisageya

        There are many tough nuts to crack.

        Gay is the new Jew. Do not talk against them. lol

        Gay is the new Jew. This is my current motto.


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