You don’t say? PsyOp similarities?

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What is the controlled media (CP/AP/Reuters) trying to tell us? While I am certain that Lac Megantic was a , hoax, staged media event drill, there are fewer clues with this latest fire. As the settle and a few more images are released, and then articles like this appear, I am more weary that we’re being fooled again.

Yes, there are trust funds and rules and laws ready to be enacted (pre-written?) forcing senior homes to have sprinkler systems installed nationwide (even though they are provincially regulated matters – think peer pressure from the bully in Ottawa with all the marbles).


Major disasters that have struck at the heart of two small Quebec communities in the space of about seven months have some striking similarities.


via L’Isle-Verte disaster has much in common with Lac-Mégantic | Toronto Star.

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