Dustban 6

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Dusty and Banazir host 3 female fakeologists at once!


NB: I’ve given Ban some more clues on how to fix his audio. Next broadcast should be better, he promises.

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1 thought on “Dustban 6

  1. Dustyash

    Yeah too bad are recording was so poor on this one,,,, this will get better however Thanks to Ab helping to coach and or guide Banazir in the future for a better clearer sound not easy but I thank Ab for his help and Banazir for the work he is putting in trying to work out the kinks it will be better I am hopefull of that oh P.S.
    Hey Ab I won’t breathe as heavy okay,,,, LOL… “I don’t want you to get any wrong ideas” cheers Ab thanks for posting the show your the best!! Oh and I love our theme picture as well!!


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