Michael Schumacher – DCP?

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I’m not a racing fan, and don’t really know the status of Schumacher, aged, 44, or the status of his sport. I do think, however, that ski accidents are another common way (like exploding car crashes where there is no trace of the driver left) to get rid of (from the scene, not likely from the living) celebrity politicians or entertainment/ personalities. Is Michael, like Sonny Bono, a new member of the dead celebrity program?

Two reasons for the are to re-invigorate a moribund career, or remove someone (like Sonny) who is investigating something controversial or dangerous from the scene to scare others off from doing the same thing for real.

Seven-time Formula One champion Michael Schumacher is in danger of being in a persistent vegetative state, known as Apallic Syndrome, according to an Austrian news website.

Michael Schumacher’s condition not described as critical for first time by manager

Schumacher has been in a medically induced coma at a hospital in Grenoble since he crashed and hit his head on a rock while skiing in the French Alps on Dec. 29.

via Michael Schumacher could remain in persistent vegetative state after skiing accident: report | National Post.

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9 thoughts on “Michael Schumacher – DCP?

  1. xileffilex

    The Schumacher hoax continues to give,getting on for five years down the line, kind of. Cue re-invigoration of the story for the “big fifth on December 29 2018, as well as the big fiftieth **That is to say, no news is news.
    ** Schuey is going to celebrate his 50th birthday on January 3 2019 we learn

    Michael Schumacher will turn 50 on January 3.

    But only his friends and family will see him, it has emerged.
    But unless a “happy transformation” in his condition appears, only his trusted circle will get to see him on his 50th landmark


    [Paris Match] has quoted one relative as saying: “When you put him in his wheelchair facing the beautiful panorama of the mountains overlooking the lake, Michael sometimes cries.”
    They say that family members are encouraging that Formula One legend Schumacher is still showing emotions.
    Former Ferrari boss Jean Todt told The Times he sees the ex-champ about twice a month.
    “I love Michael. I see his family. I wish the situation would be different,” he said.

    A mystery wrapped up in an enigma.

  2. xileffilex

    I think the story is a total farce. I don’t believe a word of it. It was started, and the authors don’t know how to end the script. I guess a lot of famous people in general just want to disappear. They won’t have any money problems. Has anyone studied those press briefings by Schumi’s minders? This latest from April 4:
    “Seven-time Formula One champion Michael Schumacher is showing “moments of consciousness and awakening,” more than two months after doctors began trying to wake him from a coma following a skiing accident, his family’s spokeswoman Sabine Kehm said in a statement. ”
    Same place as the Al-Hilli BMW shootout psy-op.

    1. psyopticon

      think the story is a total farce. I don’t believe a word of it. It was started, and the authors don’t know how to end the script. I guess a lot of famous people in general just want to disappear.

      Seems to have achieved his ambition: to disappear. But with the option of a miraculous return to public life.

      From www.stuff.co.nz/sport/motorspo…

      Michael Schumacher’s manager said Formula One ace wanted to ‘disappear’
      Last updated 07:40, March 14 2016

      Michael Schumacher revealed a desire to disappear from the public eye before his skiing accident.

      More than two years after the accident that left him in a coma and fighting for his life, the German Formula One star is still being cared for in his Lake Geneva home and hasn’t been seen in public.

      Schumacher’s manager, Sabine Kehm, revealed at the weekend that the motorsport ace had expressed a desire to escape attention.

      Fronting a large group of media at Lake Starnberg in Germany to explain the public relations strategy around Schumacher’s accident and treatment, Kehm said Schumacher’s desires had affected how his affairs had been handled since the shock incident in December 2013.

      “In general the media have never reported on Michael and Corinna’s private live,” Kehm said.

      “When he was in Switzerland, for example, it was clear he was a private individual.

      “Once in a long discussion Michael said to me, ‘You don’t need to call me for the next year, I’m disappearing.’

      “I think it was his secret dream to be able to do that some day. That’s why now I still want to protect his wishes in that I don’t let anything get out.”

      After the accident, Schumacher was airlifted to Grenoble Hospital requiring ‘immediate neurosurgical intervention’ and underwent two life-saving operations.

      The German remained the most decorated F1 driver of all-time, having claimed seven world championships and 91 race wins.

      Interest in his condition has been huge, but Kehm made no apology for her tough stance that was instigated immediately news broke of Schumacher’s accident. There have been few details revealed about Schumacher’s recovery and state of health.

      “I understand it needs to be reported and that people are interested. But I believe as a journalist you should also ask yourself what and how you report,” Kehm said.

      1. xileffilex

        Good find, psyopticon

        “.. I believe as a journalist you should also ask yourself what and how you report”

        or else….
        More gems at the Huffpo

        “We had to try to secure the hospital and draft in security. We needed to keep the journalists away because it would have been difficult medically.”

        Yes, I guess it would have been awkward for the doctors trying to put Schumi into that psy-op favorite, the “induced coma” , with an operating theatre full of journalists and photographers firing off their flashguns.

        not the operating theatre

          1. xileffilex

            As far as I can see, the person responsible was never named. What a great hoax back-up. A total invention on the cheap, with no need for a fake funeral or new identity. While searching, I found this little psy-op pointer [sorry, off topic for a moment]

  3. UNreal

    This Schumacher accident reminded me of Mandela’s death when it hit the news;
    -prepared films/events & promoting the soccer world cup in Brasil for the FIFA (opening ceremony memorial held the day after in Brasil)
    -as the soccer season is on a halt in most of europe (except UK) a planned newstory is really useful to keep the hooligans glued to their television

    In addition, there could be a film in the the not too distant future on M Schumacher, as recent feature films on Niki Lauda (Rush 2013) and Ayrton Senna (Senna 2010) were big box-office hits. Schumacher’s “mysterious” death would make the film an easy hit, and many conspiracy books can also be written ?

    It seems they focus/specialize on certain subjects, the car is one of them. On the subject of cars, it might not be a mere coincidence either that Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker died in a car crash lately just as Michael Hastings ?

      1. ab Post author

        I am wondering if Justin B is just as much a victim of manipulation as the public is with his “actions”. My guess is that he has little control over what’s happening to him and probably wishes he could return to Youtube playing his whatever for simple pleasure. Wouldn’t it be neat to ask him how he really feels about this whole mess?


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