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Rare or not, this may interest you if you’re into seeing the latest in green screen news from September 11, 2001. The staged interviews are particularly telling. It’s interesting reviewing the videos now, knowing what we know from the fakery around and the Boston Bombings.

I have not actually spent much time watching the day’s coverages as it 0;unfolded”. Most of us have not. We have simply watched the “lowlights” of a plane repeatedly crashing into the WTC, over and over and over again.

Try making your way through this as terrortainment. Hey, a new word! Watching this as terrortainment, you’ll see memes and themes you may never have heard/noticed before. Golly Mickey, even Disneyworld was closed for the day! Post your comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Terrortainment

  1. khammad

    From one bystander, “First thing I thought was Hiroshima and Pearl Harbor all over again.” Nice little nugget about possible nukes at the WTC, and on the very same day as the attacks. Since we know controlled opposition was bound and determined to use nukes as an explanation, then the mention of Hiroshima must be for the lay researcher looking for explanations. Looking back, it is interesting to see how controlled opposition gets its steam.

    I believe Pearl Harbor was a controlled event, like 911, and the nuclear bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki were most likely just carpet bombing. Funny that the bystander compares 911 to those earlier events. All I thought was YA, those events were faked, just like 911. Great comparison!

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