SimSnowden’s siminterview

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Simon doing what he does best – exposing anomalies in video evidence to expose the that is Snowden. The discussion with BTO in this thread is also quite interesting.

While people are debating where’s , we’re debating his flesh and bones existence at all. Does this really help improve our lives? I think so. Since we’re talking about what’s most likely a simulated situation with simulated actors, there’s hardly anything to worry about. Not worrying is proven to extend your lifespan. Isn’t that worth it?

If so, does it make sense that the lefthand and righthand cameras show the objects to the right (lampshade/globe/and black pyramid) at almost identical angles – in relation to Snowden and his own chair in the foreground?

The probability of simulated model entities in adverts •

via The probability of simulated model entities in adverts •

4 thoughts on “SimSnowden’s siminterview

  1. columjaddica

    It could just be a cut, right? I don’t know if he’s an actor or a 3D model though

    Here’s one (probably manufactured for sales) controversy over 3D model vs actor in video game.…

    I’ve gotten the impression watching some newer shows that they might be completely (or nearly) CG although they don’t announce it. Watching newer episodes of “The Sons of Anarchy” I can’t shake that feeling, although it could be the much discussed “soap opera effect” that some newer higher framerate TVs have.

    (Edited to expand)

  2. UNreal

    the microphone too ?
    seems like Snowed-In has a layered mic’ too, it seems to go from being attached on the outside of the shirt, to being inside the shirt ?
    have CGI gone from Final Fantasy to Real News ?

    1. UNreal

      technically, if it’s a 3d model, the microphone would be on a layer independent of the white shirt, and explain why the microphone is left in its initial position from image 1 and then miraculously covered by the 3d movement of the tissue in image 2.
      in real life, the microphone is not on any “layer” and would be simply attached to the tissue of the shirt with a clip or needle and moves with the tissue, or else falls down,,,

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