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I like speaking to Tim. Here’s a rant that seems aimed a bit over this way. I’m not sure why he’s so latched on to White Nationalism (the impressions I get), but perhaps he has some valid points about getting too lost in the fakeologist distraction.

I am so fucking tired of this bullshit, surrounding the saint hood of this dumb fuck mike king, the shit face. Guess who financed him……right…

This 0;man” I use this term loosely to describe this fraud, mike king. He was propped up by the Communist party, to usher in the beginning of White Genocide. Otherwise known as Diversity or Multiculturalism. You may scoff this off, but no other race is in such dire straits as the Europeans as people and as Nations.

These facts are why the group has been created and pushed. They are designed to keep you in conspiracy land. Thinking that if you expose this “hoax’ all will be well, all the problems facing our Race and Nation(s) will be eliminated. The game will be a thing o the past. Yet it continues on one alleged hoax at a time. No ground is being gained in this type of reasoning.

via JankyJ: The beast – the shit face- the fakery puppets.

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26 thoughts on “Tim’s rant

  1. tsisageya

    Yes. Well. You got rid of me at the cussing. I made a vow to not cuss anymore. That means that I don’t even want it inside my eyeballs or in my head. Yes, that’s just me but that is the way it is. When the cussing starts, I remove myself. I did make a vow after all.

  2. aybesea

    This topic, it appears is far beyond what this forums participants are ready for or choose to face as reality. So, with that said, keep “exposing” what you deem to be fake as a reality worth awakening people to. Because at the end of the day. It’s not all fake and the negative implications that stance has, is something you guys obviously do not or will not to acknowledge.

    With that said. I find it sad that even with my interaction with Simon. I can see his points I do not agree with all of them. I know he sees where I’m coming from completely although he cannot admit it. He says ” I almost can see where you’re coming from”. However, this forum cannot even step back and analyze any of what I’m saying. Cannot think critically about the implication your propaganda spreads to the masses.

    Your comments are all reactionary in the sense that I might be ruffling your feathers as it conflicts with the world view you find so cozy. A reality fabricated as ALL fake. Nothing is wrong, nothing to worry. It’s ok..

    Now with that said. Yes as the above comment suggest. He/she became racially aware and left for fakery. because the WN sites use certain stories to promote their WHITE agenda. Can you not see the hypocrisy in that statement? What is this site doing that is ANY different from the WN sites? Absolutely nothing.

    The enemy(ies) has all sides covered. If you believe that this site and the agenda it pushes is so far under the radar that it has not been or from the beginning set up or infiltrated by the enemy to keep you locked in this mind-set, you really don’t know what is going on at all. Shit, come on now. lets be real here. The whole entire ‘truth movement” “race movement” what ever movement has been created or hi-jacked and propagandized to cater to that demographic and keep them fighting. I’m not saying Ab is in on it or Simon is, but you have to be very aware of those possibilities. Nothing is under the radar in exposure.

    My posts is mainly to get you guys our of tunnel vision and think wider and present your information in a more broad spectrum..
    It’s not all fake, it’s not just one group doing all this. It is NOT over. We can overcome the problems as long as we recognize what ALL the problems are. Yes, you can focus on one aspect like you with fakery but to shoot anything I say down because it ruffles your feathers just as a reaction is hardly being real or honest.

    I do feel that if Simon came right out and agreed with most of what I said here (which he almost did). All of you would jump right in and follow along.

    anyway, cheers

    1. aralsea

      It’s good to be challenged. Thank you Aybesea.

      It’s easy to say “nobody died on 9/11”. But to prove it is another.

      But still, I don’t think anyone says its all 100% FAKE. It’s just the perception of people who contribute or enjoy this site. We get lumped into a category. This is why I originally did not like the Brand switch from Ab Irato to Fakeologist. The “Fake” part is emphasized a lot more now whereas Ab Irato was an angry man asking questions. Still is.

  3. farcevalue

    My interest in media fakery stems from the fact that these narratives can be demonstrably proven to be false. It can be shown with hard evidence to anyone that has the patience to look at it that the media is generating narratives from whole cloth. Beyond that is anybody’s guess.

    I have never sat at a board table with the orchestrators of these hoaxes taking notes on why they are implementing them or whether they wear yarmulkes, crosses or share secret hand shakes. I don’t see how that would matter anyway. My goal is to see reality for what it is and where possible remove all speculation and uncertainty. Whether someone is stealing through taxation, fraud, inflation or in an alley at the point of a gun, it’s all the same. Does it matter whether the knife at the throat is held by someone wearing a hoodie, a bandana, a white collar, a blue uniform or camo and a helmet?

    The goal is consistency and universality. The media is used to steer the herd into seeking protection from their exploiters. That ruse has a lot of miles left on it. I have no evidence that we are near a tipping point of the requisite percentage of the herd recognizing that laws are not made for those who write them.

    Recognition of fakery goes a long way toward helping individuals understand to what extent they have been had. It’s the only part of this game that includes certainty.

  4. Carys

    Reminded me of this quotation in an October 17, 2004, The New York Times Magazine article by writer Ron Suskind, quoting an unnamed aide to George W. Bush (later attributed to Karl Rove):

    The aide said that guys like me were “in what we call the reality-based community,” which he defined as people who “believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” … “That’s not the way the world really works anymore,” he continued. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

  5. derealium

    I’d say that exposing the Sandy Hook hoax has poured cold water on thousands of people. I’ve seen it from several youtube users where that was the turning point that actually snapped them out of their former oblivious state. And that is just among those who took the initiative to make videos about the hoax, many venturing beyond that point to discover other lies they have believed. So, these silly psyops are a good way to set a spark off in people, so they actually make an effort to understand the reality behind the curtains, regardless of which rabbit trails they end up navigating, at least an effort will be made. We must remember how most of the public is completely unconscious to any sort of reality.

    Maybe if I lived in Europe, I would have more of a problem with mass immigration of people with a culture so different from my own. We have mostly immigration from Mexico in the American south, and if they breed at a higher rate than my mixed ethnicity and heritage that has been lost in a short period of time in this melting pot, so be it I guess. I can see how the media seems to push certain agendas that are detrimental to the family and some that may be an attack on “whites”. If that’s the most important issue in your mind, then have at it, but no need to attack people who are making an effort to show others how they are being manipulated through the media fakery.

    1. columjaddica

      I’m not 100% sure what the controversy is here (will read everything later), but it seems to be over the importance of exposing fakery. I only “woke up” in Dec 2012 and listening to Dustban’s show (the one before last) I think everybody on-air also answered that Sandy Hook woke them up. Starting with that psyop they made it obvious in a different way than before and for some reason they continue to leave the same obvious clues in all of the psyops since then. There are going to be a lot of new people like me “crawling out of the woodwork” as long as they continue pulling these hoaxes the way they are. It goes a lot further than just these big centerpiece stories like Sandy Hook or 9/11.

      I don’t see anything more important than exposing fakery right now because the media is still getting away with it all. There’s nothing more important than helping people to understand that nearly everything from the media is lies. Everything else will only be able to be discussed *after* it is understood that you can discard everything coming from the news media.

      That’s how I see it at least.

      I used to participate in WN blogs but they continue to propagandize based on likely hoax stories like Woolwitch or Trayvon (when convenient) and all of the WN arguments have been going on for years with little progress other than the increase in tension (more people on both extremes). I moved *away* from worrying about White genocide etc when it became clear that the WN blogosphere latches on to fake stories when convenient. I see a war brewing between young urban liberals (radicalizing on sites like Tumblr *you gotta check out the newspeak and twisted logic common there) and “racists” currently radicalizing on a multitude of blogs and forums.

      It feels a lot like the Albert Pike predictions lately (unleashing Nihilists, etc etc)

    2. aybesea

      This topic, it appears is far beyond what this forums participants are ready for or choose to face as reality. So, with that said, keep “exposing” what you deem to be fake as a reality worth awakening people to. Because at the end of the day. It’s not all fake and the negative implications that stance has, is something you guys obviously do not or care not to acknowledge.


      1. columjaddica

        “You guys”? I think you’re making a lot of assumptions. Because AB often says “don’t worry” doesn’t mean the rest of us feel that way. I’m certainly worried about what’s going on and the overall story they are presenting. It seems obvious to me that fakery is one of the biggest problems right now I don’t understand why it’s a problem to have a *very* small selection of blogs and forums that focus on it. Most of the major stories *are* hoaxes and most of the “alternative media” manage to miss that

        I think that they are making fakery obvious for some reason, so yeah, there’s something to be concerned about in how this is presented so as to not play into their hands, but I feel I’m missing the controversy here.

        1. columjaddica

          Every day I think about how they are making the fakery obvious. It seems like they changed something around late 2012. That makes me wonder about exposing the fakery, that they might have planned for a small number of people to get-it and start spreading the word. But what else are you supposed to do, ignore it?

        2. aybesea

          It seems you are starting to see my point. if any of these guys actually read what I said and let it digest a bit before reacting as these comments have shown. You would see I am not against exposing fakery. I do not like how you guys present it. That is what I am saying the implications in saying it’s all fake have been and will be devastating to the masses or the few that read this blog. In my eyes it promotes this concept that all is ok, when in fact it is not ok.

          again you see by your comment “they are making fakery obvious” which what I am saying. So if “they” are doing this you must develop a better and more factual propaganda campaign as to what IS fake WHY is it being done is ALL of it fake and WHO is doing it, WHO gains. otherwise what is the point? How do you know it is fake? What FACTS do you have in that opinion? Each event must looked at with open eyes not tunnel vision.

          How do you know what is real when your blog promotes ALL is fake? You pick what is fake, how do you know?

          So lastly, the controversy I see, is in the message and propaganda used here to further this fake concept of the world we live in.

          be aware of group think. Nothing wrong with being a lone wolf

          take care, cheers.

          1. ab Post author

            Tim this blog is not meant to be about everything is fake. This tag is inaccurate and I wish you’d stop propagating that. We question all the media put before us. We are pointing out how difficult it is to sort it out. We use a few clues but could use more to figure out which end is up. I don’t mind the criticism and in fact welcome it. This blog is about MY personal discoveries made through my (aging) eyes. If others see value or resonance in my discoveries that’s great, but I am not out to please everyone. I was warned that this journey is full of obstacles but I choose to perservere. Thanks for your patience in my journey.

  6. simonshack

    Dear Aybesea,

    Incidentally, and since I mentioned being a very white Viking descendant – please consider these pretty well-confirmed and documented FACTS. Let me just put them down in simple fashion:

    – The Vikings discovered “America” (actually, New Foundland) about 500 years before Columbus.

    This appears to be – as far as I know – a well-documented historical fact. Please research it for yourself if you don’t take my word for it.

    Now, the few Vikings who landed at “Anse-aux-Meadows” – in the year 1000 or thereabouts – were promptly attacked and wiped out/ brutally murdered (“or “holocausted”, if you will) by the far more numerous “native Indians” who first occupied that piece of land that we now call “America”.

    We Norwegians do not celebrate that “holocaust” of our ancestors. We know full well that we were invading a place formerly occupied by natives who, naturally, were wary and worried about our sudden “immigration” into THEIR LAND. They surely – and understandably – DID NOT WELCOME the white man.

    Just saying…

    Simon Shack

  7. simonshack

    Dear Aybesea,

    Here’s a quote from your above post :

    “Religion hasn’t helped fucking, anyone.”

    This sentence of yours is – I must admit – quite fascinating. It can have many meanings!

    1. aybesea

      ha, yes I saw that when I typed it.. I couldn’t think of another way to phrase it. I usually have limited time to type. so sometimes I have to just let it be.

  8. UNreal

    Just do it ?
    I think it is a bit unfair to presume that all those aware of fakery do nothing concrete with their knowledge in life.
    We all know that the upper class live from tax-money and mass-consumption, so they put up a big show to have their system roll on. As they manipulate us, their only real threat is mainstream exposure. To make the general public take back their real power, they must first be aware of the fact they are lied to and deceived, and here i believe Fakeology really helps. Maybe derision goes further than anger, and that abstention is better than participation ?

    1. aybesea

      this statement comes across, like the gig is up. It’s all over nothing can be done except say it’s all fake.
      That stance is like a nice warm blanky mom used to give you when you were sick or something. It’s not as easy as scoffing it all off as fake.

      There are very REAL matters going on. The gig is not up it’s not over. This stance as it’s all fake has some merit to it. And fakery does happen. But the stance, well its over, it’s all distraction is defeatist to me. These guys are NOT afraid of being exposed, even if they came out and said HEY IT’S BEEN ME THE WHOLE TIME!!!! nobody would believe them anyway. because it will be seen as fake or front for front etc.

      why are you even bothering posting here it’s all over, it’s fake and done with? What good does exposing anything do, when it’s all over? it’s hobbysim..

      Like I said maybe it’s time for me to just move away from side of the net. You guys do what you do and keep doing whatever it is I do.

      1. UNreal

        well, if you think you are able to make the current system better you are in for a surprise.
        we need a new system, and the only way to make it happen is to show how redundent the current one is. please let me know what your concrete actions are ? dividing people into races ? protesting in the street ?

        1. aybesea

          I agree mostly. but are you guys NOT being redundant in exposing a redundant system?

          People are already divided into Races. I do not agree in this hippy shit we are all one. Humans yes, all one race no. It’s the forced immigration that is destroying the Races of the world mostly targeted at White Nations. Do you see a forced integration in Africa with Mexicans being flooded in calling for more Diversity in African?
          I do see European nations being forced to live with non-whites, forced. real, not fakery.

          I agree, the present state in which we are forced to live cannot be fixed.

  9. simonshack

    Dear Ab,

    Wow. That was quite a rant by JankyJ, aka Aybesea, alias Tim from D.C. – my hair is still standing upright – as if electrified – lol … 😛

    Am I reading this all wrong – or is this an all-out / frontal attack/ dissing of Fakeologist and Cluesforum? Funny, coz I also just listened to the Sept 2013 convo you had with him (linked in your post) – and Aybesea sounds quite honest, legit and cool. However, I had to cringe when he lumped me in with the likes of Paulstalservice (who is, as you know, perhaps my most assiduous ‘stalker’) and Dallas Goldbug…

    Let me see if I can sum up the gist of his rant – which basically equates “Media Fakery proponents” to a bunch of distractors, “created and pushed” (in Aybesea’s own words) to waste everyone’s time…

    So according to Aybesea – if i’m getting this right (and I may well not) – WE (Fakeologist and Cluesforum) are actually some form of nefarious propaganda aimed at keeping the people / the masses babbling about MLK and JFK forever and ever – obfuscating the real problems and failing to propose solutions? Are we also suspected, I wonder, to be working for those who wish to eliminate the white race? And was MLK whacked by those who want to wipe out the white race?? … (uhrr- again, i may just be missing something here – as to Aybesea’s argumentations!) . In any case – and as far as i’m concerned, no humans come squeaky-whiter than myself, since my ancestors were nordic vikings… Let me just quote a line from Aybesea’s rant now:

    Aybsesea wrote:
    “Instead they are claiming it’s all fake and it’s being done by some mystery ghost cabal. So they trap YOU into fakery world and can’t even give you an answer as to WHY this is being done and by WHOM.”

    Oh well, so WE actually “trap the people into fakery world”, Ab – get it? WE are the shameful, BAD guys. And we don’t provide answers as to WHY and by WHOM this is done. Shame on us, Ab, shame on us…

    P.S. to Aybesea: Why don’t you just call me on skype one of these days? I’d be glad to talk all of this over with you (and I promise not to use my devious, mind-controlling mousetrap on you!) My skype username is: simon.shack

    Sincerely yours

    Simon Shack

    1. aybesea

      I am not claiming you guys are “in on it”. You wrote that. Nor do I think you or Ab might doing this on purpose. I know Ab has supported you since his immergence on the net . Maybe he or you are just not aware of the implications your stance or as you say re-search has on the masses viewing it. Others possibly could be more nefarious in their actions presenting fakery.
      Like a goldbug or paulstallservice.

      I know your word games, Simon, so easy…. I do enjoy September clues, as I feel it provides a reasonable explanation of what went on. I think I’ve seen it 3-4 times. It was the first vid I saw when some of the sleep from eyes was being wiped away.. At the end I kept thinking, OK, now what? All this information and really no solutions. Ok, it’s fake, all CGI, ok so where does that leave us?

      So if,911 was all fake. Does this mean all we see (media wise) is fake? Now like these youtube channels all over, are claiming every single event is faked, staged, psyops even better the newspeak “false flag” etc. I do not agree with that position, of all we see being faked. I do feel that trend was either created or has been steered in that direction.

      anyway, dude. I don’t agree with a lot of the stuff on your forum and that is my choice. I am not shitting on you or this forum. I just feel this “fakery” was created just like the whole truth movement to steer people into holes and keep them there. Without really seeing what is being done to White nations and Races of this world along with other real matters. Others pull people in on purpose, others might not be aware of what the message “it’s all fake” has on an unsuspecting person just waking up. because as you have said on a couple podcasts, it’s all fake, so it’s ok the world isn’t so bad. When our people are being annihilated, that is not ok or nice, in my eyes.

      take it easy, maybe I’ll take you up on that chat, soon..

      1. simonshack

        Hey Aybesea,

        Let me just say that i can (almost) see “where you come from” – and what legitimate annoyances you harbor in your mind. See, i have a friend here in Italy (Fabio) who keeps ending all the group discussions with my friends in my house (mostly banking-scam researchers/ economists) with this sort of sentence: “Simon, so what? Ok, so they air fake imagery on TV all the time – but we all know that! Let’s concentrate on the fake banking system!

        See – there is a, very very small, yet growing consensus about “fakery” (you can hate that word if you wish) going on in this world – at virtually ALL levels of the political (capitalist – not communist) AND scientific spectrum introduced by the so-called “industrial revolution”. Of course, to get such a world-overturning message as ours across, we have to hammer this away as hard as we possibly can – in what is, of course – an incredibly daunting uphill battle.

        To say that media Fakery is “old hat” – as you put it – only reflects upon your own impatience in seeing immediate results. To be sure, VERY few people are aware of the extent of Media Fakery we have today. You need to look around yourself and realize that most people know NOTHING about it.

        Having said that, I really hope you will concede and appreciate the fact that, over at Cluesforum, although we principally focus on media fakery we also look at all sorts of aspects – be they historical, geo-political, philosophical – or whatnot.


        Simon Shack

        1. aybesea

          Simon, said—To say that media Fakery is “old hat” – as you put it – only reflects upon your own impatience in seeing immediate results. To be sure, VERY few people are aware of the extent of Media Fakery we have today. You need to look around yourself and realize that most people know NOTHING about it.

          This is a very fare statement. I agree.

          I have a friend or two two from Italy and when they go back home, they come to me and say it’s not the way it used to be. Where are the Italians? It’s all African and Muslim. Not all over Italy but you see what I mean. This is not by chance and being forced upon our Nations.

          It is difficult to sit by and see this happening and having your hands invisibly tied. But I try. That is why maybe it’s best I leave this fakery angle to you guys for now. and I can focus more on the race issue and forced immigration I see destroying our people.

          Like I said I can appreciate what you do. I just feel other issues, for me are more pressing than going on about fakery.


        2. aybesea

          not impatience in immediate results. Just lack of any results. Look at JFK for instance, has anything come of it solution wise or the moon hoax? It’s 50 years of theories with not really any change for the positive. Just distraction. I’ll venture to clues soon. It’s been awhile


  10. aybesea

    Thanks for the link, AB
    I am on a journey as we all are. I do not consider myself a White Nationalist. I know it can come across that way. I am however in favor of being able to rule your own. Also the fact that all European countries are being flooded with non-whites, is something I take exception with. It is not OK, in my opinion. I do not agree with John Friends Christian CI junk or any religion for that matter, especially Abrahamic ones.

    His recent guest (www.john-friend.net/2014/01/th…)
    Pretty much nailed it.

    Now I know you can make the argument Whites are not perfect or saints, and I agree with that. I feel no races are better than any other. I know I can come across the opposite way at times. But I feel each race should be able to govern itself without outside duel citizens pulling most of the strings. For better or worse. This is touchy subject as some might well what is white, brown, where do they belong and always what about those poor defenseless Indians..etc

    How can we think that a citizen of two nations who is lobbying in his non-native nation would have that nations interest in mind in policy they put forth? They will not.
    I know you guys think it’s all some scam and this is just a movie we are living in. All is done, nothing can be changed. I do not see it that way.

    Now to think some of that post (youlinked) is pointing at this neck of the internet. You are correct. I’ve been down this it’s all fake road, man… You can see and hear me on Chris and some of Mark calls even some of my own.

    I do agree, fakery happens. I do not agree that it’s all fake or some huge elaborate hoax. I just don’t. My search for a truth or as close as one can get, leads me to think it just isn’t that way.

    I see your posts and topics and for me it’s “old hat”, been down that road.
    So I get annoyed or sometimes can be an asshole in my comments, because I feel it’s time to move past this stuff. The fakery all day every day, and gets to what is real.

    To me, race is VERY real and the destruction of White Nations is very real. I feel at this point once one becomes racially aware, you (I) just don’t have time to deal on conspiracy topics. Moon landing etc. Not that I dont’ feel there is not some validity to those topics.

    But if some how you convinved the world the Moon landings were a hoax, will that fix any problems we are facing as a people or a race or nations? I feel it’ doesn’t. So, to me dealing with that stuff leads people into la la land. When I look around at the changing racial demographic. I can see this is a very real topic. I think if you or anyone deals in a fakery topic. The implications and reason for the fakery should always be stated. Not just oh, it’s fake the shadows don’t match.. Well, why? Why is the fakery going on? What is it hidding and destracting from? If this fix is in and it’s over, why fake anything? Unless, it’s not and certain agenda’s are moving forward while people deal with CGI images for years.

    You see, fakery exists to keep people swirling in fakery, no solutions. Think in 50 years about 911, the same arguments had today will be had then. No ground has been gained in FIXING the problem, removing and exposing the culprits. Just chatting about one event or CGI images doesn not change what is being to certain Nations and Races. None of the 911 truth group has done any good to the masses as far as solutions. Because it exposed a problem without any real solutions. The solutions needed, people have been conditioned to not talk about. Perfect plan for the enemy. Instead some believe, planes, no planes, Israel or Muslims or Bush etc. No soutions just talk. One solution, the media needs to be destroyed and taken back or used in the way the enemy uses it. None of which has taken place. The same today as the day after 911

    This fakery stuff, to me, serves the purpose to make any argument one makes that deals in facts laughed at, because again, “it’s all fake”. Even if only 10% was fake or 90%, does that change what is happening? NO.
    People are still ramblin on and on about JFK.. who fucking cares, he’s dead. Instead of talking about the massvive integration that took place and totally ruined Whites and Blacks. During that hoopla surrounding his murder or whatever you think went on. A very real issue, the destruction of the family and forced intergration. Laws put in place to make us cater to other races but not our own.

    If race was only a social construct, why do we need laws like affirmitive action for blacks? The race or color doesn’t mean anything, right? WEll the laws say otheriwse. If you question the law based on RACE “that we are told does not exist” you are a racist…..??? Well how can one be racist if race does not exist? The same ones calling you a racist claim race doesnt exist…..So the laws and propoganda surrounding this Race issue are very real in thought control and control of your life and perception of it.

    Which on paper doesn’t exist. It’s double think and talk. Nobody is really focusing on this stuff. Except WN’s who are mostly controlled opposition. And for whatever reason think Christianty is the solution. Their alleged enemies creation. Religion hasn’t helped fucking, anyone. It is one of, if not the biggest lies ever put forth.

    These things to me are real and should be talked about. Exposing fakery doesn’t not solve any problems. We all know the media lies. So going on and on about it will not help you fix anything. Unless you know a way I can’t think of.
    Exposure is great, Exposure without solutions is hobbyism. To me, in this day of technology why in the world would “they” need to code headlines? I mean come one. YOu think it’s some fancy trick or some odd way of communication? Using “at least” leaves room for “them” to play with the numbers. Stating deaths ect. factualy then changing, will further make people question new sources. So they stay safe and play the ‘at least” game. Also the coding is conspiracy shit. What does that prove? What does it fix? Nothing, it’s bullshit. You think it’s easier to create huge elaborate hoax, printing and posting all over the net, intead of emailing someone? come on…. whatever floats…

    lol…anyway.. I don’t mean to shit on anyone. I do have my problems with some of the people on this side of the net. I have stated it many times. I just feel real things are happening and to constantly dwell on what is fake doesn’t do anyone any good. Why not deal with what is actually happening and is factual? To me, it (fakery) actually ruins whatever you might say, that is in fact really going on. I have experienced this first hand. “dude it’s all fake man..” Then when you really need someone to listen in an actual fact based argument, they laugh..Oh now it’s real, huh?

    So I distance myself from fakery now. ( I do lurk here at times as I’m sure AB can IP identify me.lol.) I feel I’ve been there done that. I know this is a little redundent but, anyway. This is my take after 4-5 years doing this stuff.

    take it easy to all you “fakeologists” .

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