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Friday night funnies

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When I think of those that plan and orchestrate the psyOps of the day, I often think how do these people sleep at night, planning and plotting to deceive and control the sheeple? Do they like their jobs, or dislike them and struggle through just to make a paycheck like the rest of us?

My mind then drifts to simplicity, remembering the simpler days when I was asleep. I then recall cartoons like this, and it all begins to make sense.

It is all, after all, just a game.

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The point of the Beiber and Ford distractions

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Your pocket is picked every time a Ford or Beiber story gets promoted, or any other media distraction for that matter.

It eats up one-quarter of all property taxes collected by the City of Toronto yet two days into the budget debate, the police department’s $1.08-billion price tag has barely been mentioned.

Not by Mayor Rob Ford, though his $60 million in proposed cuts includes eliminating library security guards, nor by his brother Doug Ford, who has attacked Chief Bill Blair for wasting money investigating his brother.

via Rising police budget draws few questions from councillors | Toronto Star.

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Friday music video transformation

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Not too sure what she’s saying, but this little video edit-fest is informative.

BOGGIE – PARFÜM (hungarian version of Nouveau Parfum) on Vimeo on Vimeo

via BOGGIE – PARFÜM (hungarian version of Nouveau Parfum) on Vimeo.

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