911 Ads and Pubs

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I’m not convinced any or all of these are 0;predictive programming”. After all, NYC is the center of the media universe, and the Twin Towers were as iconic as the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty.

The pictures are still interesting to look at though.

911 Predicted – Ads & Publications Depicting the Twin Towers Before September 11, 2001.

h/t Dusty Ash

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3 thoughts on “911 Ads and Pubs

  1. tsisageya

    What is the purpose of 911 synchronicity? So we can study it more? ugh. UGH. I refuse to be a sheep to this. We already know.

    Remedy? You ask for a remedy? Or do you?

  2. tsisageya

    Oh my GAWL!!! This is real? I had no idea he was that tall.

    (If you have to say it was a joke, it’s not funny.)


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