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Audiotime: Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014, 9:11pm EST

Topic: Reviewing fakeologist.com, forums.fakeologist.com, changes to registration, countdown timer, morab.com

john Taylor Gatto discusses Active Literacy. Teaching active literacy was a crime in Britain at one time. Now, it’s just not taught to all but the most elite leaders, who are in turn used to control the masses.

John Taylor Gatto at ...

John Taylor Gatto at … (Photo credit: Mark & Marie Finnern)

Do You Really Know What You Think You Know? | Inspiration, Motivation and Winning



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2 thoughts on “ep87-Reviewing fakeologist.com

  1. knagjak

    Nice broadcast! The education system is only making it harder to have a good movement in truth and change. I think there is a derailment in consciousness though, among a lot of people all over the world, for the better way of living and not taking all information at face value while starting to realize our own value as humanity.

    More people are starting to lend their ears to the people speaking on the outside of the matrix bubble. Not at an extremely fast paced but is happening. Distraction from propaganda is over bearing to some people. 9-11 started my journey to truth. As did for a many number of people. But many are still taking main media opinion with out any question. Hard to tell if this is just a way of dividing people into groups of rebellion or just really made mistakes in their deception. Either way the problem still exists.

    Broadcasts that constantly search for the subject of truth are growing as well. While people are the most free to speak their minds are also prone to the most distraction. But if the more-free people realize that their is an even better way of living and understand these issues around them than the emotional attachment to these issues and a will to fix them will form on its own over time. Its not easy to derail a huge change in consciousness. But we have choices to make! More shows like this yes.


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