Superbowl 9/11

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I was not one of the 111.5 (occultic) zombies tuned to the Super Duper bowl. As I said in my last broadcast, not a day goes by when is not mentioned.

Here’s a (staged) truther 0;breaking into” a Super Dole news conference.

Here’s a (semi) awake response

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3 thoughts on “Superbowl 9/11

  1. Blue Moon

    This year’s theme was Aesop’s fables- Both teams had animal names- Almost every commercial, which is what the Super Bowl is really purposed for, had animals in them, from muppets to talking lizards- The humans were always being bested- Why? Because the good old transhumanism scam was being exposed to the collective subconscious- Neo-feudalism is the spook’s alleged agenda and transhumanism is supposed to cull the population and integrate what’s left into Huxley’s Brave New World of androgynous/sexless drones- But people have to first be sold the idea that we are no better than, and in most cases, worse/dumber than animals (the carbon footprint BS implied)- When humans were in charge in these spots, they were driving these huge trucks that no one needs and cannot afford to fill with gas- They were piloting machines that defined who they were- Again, the transhumanism con game of welding human and machine together- There were even hints of beastiality in a couple of spots- And in the few commercials where it was humans only, patriotism and cancer were merged- Now even patriotism is a disease- And Bob Dylan, what a whore- He’s shilling for Detroit made automobiles now- He says: Let Germany make your beer, we will make your cars- Personally, I’d rather that Germany make my cars as well as my beer- And to top it off, the head coach of the winners was shown in slow motion being doused in horse blood like some equestrian rite of initiation in an old Roman cult- (See, the Seahawks’ Gatorade dispenser was the same color of orange as the Broncos’ jerseys- The Gatorade itself was the same shade of orange)- Yes, I’m gorging on conspiracy candy, but that’s the point: The dopamine spike and the adrenelaine rush and the attendant nose-dive after a loss IS the agenda- They aren’t taking us anywhere- One week it’s to the left, the next week it’s to the right- The Brave New World is a circle we shuffle in, like a Turkish prison- Again, the chemical reaction is the agenda-Resting…)

  2. lux

    The Hollywood Reporter article which gives the alleged show ratings info begins …

    “Final ratings are in for the 2014 Super Bowl — and, contrary to early returns, which saw the game ranking fifth all-time, the NFL season finale ended up being the biggest to date. ”

    I suspect the “early returns” give a more accurate picture than the final reported results. That is, the show’s ratings were substantially lower than reported.

    Though I don’t doubt that millions watched it, I sense a growing suspicion and decline in interest in American professional sports in the people I talk to in my personal life.

    1. ab Post author

      It’s still a big draw, but I have no confidence in their numbers. They control the media/message, so verification is impossible. My informal poll says most people are still watching, however.


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