Stephen Hawking dialectic

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A very good analysis of how the media puppetmasters control both sides of the pseudo-science world. They put words in the Stephen Hawking invalid (this to me is disabled person abuse) [synthesis], invoke a reaction from their political puppets (Bachmann)[anthithesis], and then create the final outcome [synthesis] which is chaos and confusion, leaving us right back where we started: knowing absolutely nothing about the heavens above.

So, in this view, may I suggest that these apparently ‘foolish’ (and ‘sensationalistic’) media headlines are all quite deliberate and calculated – and an integral part of this latest little Nutwork comedy? Let me try and imagine the script the Nutwork-clowns concocted for this psy-episode. I will use two fictional characters, sir John Hoaks U. (0;JHU”) and sir Chester Bull S. (“CBS”) to symbolize the sort of repulsive wanna-be-overlords / swashbuckling-control-rats who currently run this world – via .

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2 thoughts on “Stephen Hawking dialectic

  1. xileffilex

    Happy Birthday Stephen Hawking.
    Now, at Wikpedia we read

    Stephen Hawking was born on 8 January 1942[1] to Frank and Isobel Hawking.[21][22] Despite their families’ financial constraints, both parents attended the University of Oxford, where Frank studied medicine and Isobel, Philosophy, Politics and Economics.[22] The two met shortly after the beginning of the Second World War at a medical research institute where she was working as a secretary and he as a medical researcher.[22][23] They lived in Highgate, but as London was under attack in those years, Isobel went to Oxford to give birth in greater safety.[24] Hawking has two younger sisters, Philippa and Mary, and an adopted brother, Edward.[25]

    Larsen, Kristine (2005). Stephen Hawking: a biography. ISBN 978-0-313-32392-8
    Well, here’s the birth of Stephen Hawking

    Here’s his younger sister Mary:

    She seems a bit nervous in the clip. We learn nothing much. She retired as a doctor in 2013…

    A farewell gathering was just the right medicine for a respected Dunstable GP, as she retired after 34 years with the same practice.

    Dr Mary Hawking, 69, has cared for generations of patients at the Kingsbury Court Surgery, in Church Street.

    April 2 2013…

    Here’s the marriage of Frank Hawking and Eileen Isobel Walker in early 1941

    But then here full name is Katherine Mary Hawking and she was born in Lambeth in 1943.

    The other sister is Ann Philippa [b. 1946] – another non-use of the first name – now Hufton-Hawking who keeps out of the public eye.

    I would love to see the film The Theory of Everything…
    to see how he dumps first wife Jane

    Hawking and Jane watched a sequence during which Felicity and Redmayne danced together. After the director yelled ‘Cut’, Hawking – who communicates through a computer-based speech generator – asked: ‘Would you ask Felicity if she will come and give me a kiss?’

    For 31-year-old Felicity, that moment was a revelation. ‘It shows his rather flirtatious nature and this amazing capacity he has not to take himself too seriously,’ she explains. ‘I embraced him and told him, “You’re amazing!” ’

    The film is based on Jane’s memoir Travelling To Infinity: My Life With Stephen [Jane Wilde]

    Genius runs in the family though……

  2. tsisageya

    I couldn’t even get past the first sentence of this:…

    Therefore, I don’t know stuff. However, a vegetable in a wheelchair is not a bad gimmick for passing on a whole big bunch of nonsense. Amirte? I mean, who would reject such a pitiful and, as we are told, brilliant creature?

    I’m convinced. This makes me truly question physics and all the so-called experts. I have vowed not to cuss anymore though, m’kay?


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