North Korean propaganda

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Always interesting to see the other side of the dialectic’s propaganda. I wonder who put it together for North Korea?. I suppose the same controllers that own both sides. Many good nuggets to consider.

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7 thoughts on “North Korean propaganda

  1. tsisageya

    True fact: I’ve always envied North Korea for being so blacked out. Imagine the view of the stars. It must be awesome. At least they have the glory of the stars?

    Of course, who knows? By the way, how can North Korea be such a black box? Do they have a special technology to rebuff America’s spy stuff? lol

    No. I’m guessing they don’t. I’m guessing it’s all silly propaganda. I have my own guess as to who is the axis of evil. Just guessing, though.

  2. tsisageya

    North Korea has really been a black-box circus for us, hasn’t it? But, where is the bread to go along with the circus? We don’t even get any cake.

  3. sami

    This isn’t really a North Korean production. It was made by Slavko Martinov in Christchurch, New Zealand. It’s a piece of art. Check out the website here:

    1. ab Post author

      Thanks Sami. I figured it wasn’t made there, although the video clip quality made me think that. Either way, he hit many concepts in the film that we discuss.

  4. columjaddica

    You can watch a live stream of North Korean TV, I tune in occasionally. Been trying to catch their version of the cartoon ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ but I’m not sure when it’s on.

    (See “Streaming Media” in the sidebar, I think I used it with the http or mmc feed with VLC media player)…

    Last year I ran across an article with pictures from North Korea, check out how edited they are! The clone stamping and other editing is really obvious on the first few pics, wonder why?…

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