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Four of a kind and 11 second collapse

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Another devastating post from the best 9/11 research on the web.

CGI collapse footage • Cluesforum.info

As you all know, the debate is still raging (uh well – at least outside of this forum!) regarding the question of JUST HOW MUCH of the 9/11 imagery was faked / staged / fabricated. I know full well just how hard it can be (and how much time must be spent) for anyone to formulate his / her personal opinion about what is (in my personal opinion) the foremost / crucial issue of the 9/11 psyop (along with the phony victims, of course). I also know that there are scores of well-intentioned, genuinely interested people out there only wishing to get a better understanding of it all. Therefore I try – from time to time and as best I can – to submit lines of reasoning and logic which may, hopefully, transcend the purely technical aspects of the available 9/11 imagery. So here we go.

via CGI collapse footage • Cluesforum.info.

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Squeaky clean firefighter

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Who knew Eddie Murphy was a firefighter on 9/11?

“I wouldn’t kid you, I wouldn’t lie … It looks like a movie set”

“Like Vietnam”

“Like a movie”


“Looks like something from a movie, where digital effect has obliterated the twin towers”

h/t Johnny Clues

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Is this a snow job?

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I can verify there is lots of snow here today. The most in a great many winters.

Be careful in snowbanks – that is a good message.

Does that make this story true, and if not, a noble lie?

A nine-year-old boy has died after he was found on Wednesday trapped under a collapsed snow bank.

OPP Const. Paul Nancekivell says a family member discovered the boy and dragged him out from a snow bank near the family’s farm in Amaranth Township, about 82 kilometres north of Toronto.

Emergency crews quickly transported him to a nearby Orangeville hospital, Headwaters Health Care Centre, at around 3:30 p.m.

Const. Nancekivell said that boy died from his injuries in hospital.

Const. Nancekivell said that the Dufferin OPP is conducting an ongoing investigation.

We’re releasing very few details until we’ve had a chance to really do a thorough and methodical investigation of this situation,” he says, “so hopefully we can bring the family some comfort in figuring out what happened.”


$119 billion worth of losers

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I’m sure gambling is a massive problem, and I suppose it’s best the state captures most of the money, but I find the numbers, as usual, interesting.

The gambling industry around the world is huge, but the biggest market is the United States, where gamblers lost a staggering $119 billion in 2013:

via How did Americans manage to lose $119 billion gambling last year? – The Week.

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