Four of a kind and 11 second collapse

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Another devastating post from the best research on the web.

CGI collapse footage •

As you all know, the debate is still raging (uh well – at least outside of this forum!) regarding the question of JUST HOW MUCH of the 9/11 imagery was faked / staged / fabricated. I know full well just how hard it can be (and how much time must be spent) for anyone to formulate his / her personal opinion about what is (in my personal opinion) the foremost / crucial issue of the (along with the phony victims, of course). I also know that there are scores of well-intentioned, genuinely interested people out there only wishing to get a better understanding of it all. Therefore I try – from time to time and as best I can – to submit lines of reasoning and logic which may, hopefully, transcend the purely technical aspects of the available 9/11 imagery. So here we go.

via CGI collapse footage •

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3 thoughts on “Four of a kind and 11 second collapse

  1. tsisageya

    I read today—somewhere—that one tower fell in 11 seconds. The other tower fell in 9 seconds, or so they say. Was it here that I read it? I can’t tell you. 9 seconds. 11 seconds.

    Isn’t that adorable? Is that what they’re really saying? I just can’t GOOGLE it anymore.

    What a kick in the face by jackboots.

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