Squeaky clean firefighter

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Who knew Eddie Murphy was a firefighter on ?

0;I wouldn’t kid you, I wouldn’t lie … It looks like a movie set”

“Like Vietnam”

“Like a movie”


“Looks like something from a movie, where digital effect has obliterated the twin towers”

h/t Johnny Clues

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3 thoughts on “Squeaky clean firefighter

  1. tsisageya

    It’s a shame that firefighters in NEW YORK CITY! don’t know proper English and don’t know proper grammar. I assumed they were smarter than that. I guess I was wrong.

  2. Tom

    ”Are they taking some of the victims out? ”

    ”Right now we have took out two”

    ”Took out two? ” Haha . It’s dark. This happened hours ago. Absurd, blase, totally unconvincing guy. Was that really the narrative by the evening? I guess that would explain the lack of victims to the hospitals… simple as that. It was carnage, intense flames and debris falling like a raging hell -everyone died.

    No injured…all dead. Keeps it simple…with the added psychological side-benefit of maximum carnage.

  3. Dustyash

    This video is enough I mean from what I know now,, when you watch the video at the 3:15 mark you see how the news anchor people are talking to each other and they are so not convincing in what they are saying. The male anchor man is a terrible actor you can almost feel that he has to lie then he mentions that something to the effect that it looked like digital imagery but no folks this is real like it is so odd the discussion between them is very suspicious they are trying so hard to keep the lie alive.

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