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  1. tsisageya

    Is this about jungle surfer? I hope not. He’s a (I’ve made a vow not to cuss and will continue to remind myself of it as long as I want to) jerk.

    Case in point: Betsy Lee Mcgee. Apparently they have both taken down their attacks against each other, but she is the one.

    This all makes me tired now.

  2. rickpotvin

    Ab, the current show in the right side margin of this page seems to be last weeks– is it not? Where is Sat. Feb. 8 2014? Can you list your show by date rather than “ep”– so I can find the latest podcast more easily? Thanks. Email me if you can at rick_potvin@yahoo.com or respond here. Do you have an email?

      1. rickpotvin

        Tim- I respecfully suggest you make it more clear on your front page that a show occurred or didn’t occur on a date-stamped line– (not an ep number which I never remember) BECAUSE…. because your podcast is your strongest selling point that diffierentiates you from all other sites about 9/11 and fakery. I must have spent close to an hour trying to move around your slow-sluggish responding overloaded pages looking for the Feb 8 show. I listen to the Sat. nite show on Sunday– as I do other things. It’s great therapy as you often suggest. Why not make it the single most obvious feature of your website? Marketing and visibility are tough– take your strongest suit– your continuing effort at “rhetoric in realtime”– and put it front and center, clean up your front page so it doesn’t take so long to load, put the gadgets you like on another linked page… and you can’t go wrong. And get an email that doesn’t require me to get involved in encryption that is something like Abirato@yahoo.com (simple!). The changing picture-headline at the top confuses newbies I’m sure— there’s a comfort in knowing one is on the right page by making the banner picture stable. You reported last week in your monologue that you’re working to improve your talking-delivery-rhetoric– so I trust you’ll take my feedback in the helpful (to me and other visitors) in the spirit its intended.

          1. rickpotvin

            I still don’t have skype or a microphone but I’ll work my way toward podcast. My preference would be to cover points I listed in my forum since the opening minutes of 9/11 in 2001 which I documented. Would you consider at least being on my forum in realtime while I’m a guest? That way we have a common page of ideas to work from. I’d like to be on– using my forum notes. Other guests could peruse my realtime 9/11 notes giving them a better idea of my angle on things and informing their questions.

            My initial entries indicate I saw something fishy about the non-chalant demeanor of the newscasters as things happened. I compared their reaction to the much more realistic reaction of the reporter watching the Hindenburg go down. www.youtube.com/watch?v=F54rqD… Reviewing the Hindenberg newsreels, it now appears to me that the film was cut just before the explosion. The screams on the soundtrack now appear fake to me as the screams on 9/11 videos. Was the Hindenberg crash faked as well?

          2. rickpotvin

            There’s no reply button under your latest post but based on my worse judgement– which might be the opposite as George Castanza went with– my better judgement– go ahead and dial me up at 602 371 0094 before 9:11 this Sat. and I’ll try to pick up. I’ll open my forum which opens it to google spiders again which means it comes up on google searches. I’ll try this. I reserve the right to shut down and disappear for a year.

          3. rickpotvin

            Ab, here’s a link to my forum that began on the morning of 9/11 which I now consider unique and special in the 9/11 online literature.www.network54.com/Forum/153202…

            Thanks for invitation and I think I might have the potential to look forward to this. Being made aware of rhetoric as you described and which I ‘ve intuitively sort of picked up on over my life helps. Silent gaps don’t work — realtime thinking does. Listening to Coast to Coast with George Noori over a few years helps and having long been a fan of talk radio too.

            Let’s do this– despite my not having the time– but then– who has time these days, ever eh?

  3. smj

    i believe the gentleman they are bostoning from the rubble (@ 1:10) is father mike.

    if you have a sense of humor, you owe it to yourself to watch the documentary called the saint of 9/11. it’s some funny shit.

    1. khammad

      For the Fakeologist, Saint of 9/11 is a study in deception. In watching the testimonies of the firefighters, I came to a conclusion: people, in general, do not like to lie. You can see it in the strained faces of the firefighters as they tell the official tale. Professional liars are a different story. Shannon Stapleton of Reuters is a professional liar. He does it with emotion and vigor, which is what is lacking from the firefighters.

      What is missing in this film? How did Father Judge die? We hear every little minutia about his life, except this. There is a great thread at Let’s Roll Forum (letsrollforums.com/exactly-hap…) that discusses this. Pick your method: falling body fell on him, building debris hit him in the back of his head, he was shot, or a secondary explosion killed him.

      What is NOT missing from this film: Common 911 memes we know we have proof against. 1st meme: New Yorkers driving all the way down to Chambers street. We know ALL of lower Manhattan had been closed off very early in the morning. 2nd meme: Witnesses who saw the planes hitting the towers. We know it is difficult for anyone to even see the towers when standing on the streets of Manhattan, now add the even less likely event of seeing a speeding jet, at that precise 1/10 of a second, hitting the towers. 3rd meme: Pictures of victims. (see Clues Forum for an in depth study of all 911 ‘vicsims’) In the memorial services shown, we see the same bad, grainy images of lost loved ones as shown in the 911 memorial web pages etc. Really? Family members have no other/better photographs? Really? A family member is going to go to all the trouble of making a poster, and yet choose a crappy image to put on that poster? A drivers license picture would have been better than the images they (yes, collectively) chose.

      Just that easy. The film is a lie. We see not one, but 3 obvious lies. Falsus in unum, falsus in omnibus.

      I am grateful every day for the work done at sites like Clues Forum. Follow the memes and you will know if you are being lied to. For beginning researchers, this is a great way to start cutting out the fat, and getting to the meat of the story.

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