Another Obama rabbit trail?

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We really have no idea who he is. Amazing how fewer even care. The Frank Davis connection made in the heavily promoted and produced movie 0;Dreams of my real father” is most likely a red herring – real truth isn’t propagated by Hollywool. I agree we are probably looking at another photoslop job here to keep us spinning. The Kenya connection seems too silly to consider. To sum up: we really have no clue. Was Fuddy even a real person or a sim?

7 thoughts on “Another Obama rabbit trail?

  1. anthonycarallo

    It has occurred to me more than once that Obama is a simulated person. There are always slight differences in height, expression, and demeanor. There was even a scandal with CGI Federal, ha ha. I remember seeing the bumper sticker many years ago for Obama Biden and thinking that the similarity to Obama bin Biden was probably not a coincidence. …and it is like Bill Clinton with the mysterious non existent father and shadowy mother. Remember that video of Bill Clinton staring blankly into space before he was “on” for the camera? What’s up with that?

  2. Tom

    Looking at Obama, it struck me again, Nelson Mandella’s promotion as a mainstream-left cause, internationally, for years, must have been very orchestrated. Even Nelson.

    Obama is like one of those Tiger Woods creations. A bit of everything. Generic man.

      1. Tom

        Yep. I see the ‘Indonesian Dad’ as a predictable rumour.

        Tiger Woods is supposed to be something complex like, African, American Indian, Eskimo , White, New Zealand Maori and Japanese. Haha Don’t quote me 🙂

        With Obama, we of course have the Osama/Obama – Islamic-suggestion in the name to appeal to some.

        International marketing tools.

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