Behind the green mask and 9/11

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A reference to at the 58:51 mark of this video illustrates how climate change and 9/11 are the two pillars on which a massive power grab towards totalitarianism are based.

Not really sure who this woman is, but her message is interesting.


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3 thoughts on “Behind the green mask and 9/11

  1. Dustyash

    Hey Tom and Elbuggo I am with you guys 100% all the way in your solution this stuff is real and happening everyday. We need as individuals to really take a serious look at this and make a stand.

  2. Tom

    Yes, I had my first Rosa Koire experience and liked it. I don’t think I’m having a Judy Wood moment. I might be, but Rosa’s got better hair.

    Like the Larken Rose, elbuggo. Keep it simple and don’t be afraid.

  3. elbuggo

    I hope everyone at least will watch one of Rosa Koire’s presentations. This Agenda21 looks like pure Communism in new cloths. Will also be useful for abolishing the nation states.

    What to do about it? According to Larken Rose, we don’t have to do anything, just stop obeying! Simplest strategy that I’m aware of.

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