The Joos did it – so what?

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An interesting comment on the 0;Joos did it” red herring, from a blog post on the history of false flag terror.

I am aware of the Khazars, although I’ve also skimmed over a couple of genetic studies which indicate that many so-called Ashkenazi do, in fact, have Semitic gene markers, which is hardly surprising. I’ve read that Jews and Arabs lived peacefully in the region for a long time before the British Crown and its lackeys usurped the area. Also, as you say, there was inter-marriage between the region’s inhabitants down through the millennia. As well, Jews emigrated from the Middle East before and after the Khazar conversion (the extent and nature of which is apparently not agreed upon by historians). So, I don’t believe the Khazar/Sephardic dichotomy is as black and white as some claim.

I believe that evil is an equal opportunity employer. At the same time I am not blind. European Jews have indeed played a major role in American politics as they have in Britain. As they were oppressed and persecuted throughout the Middle Ages, primarily for being labeled Christ killers by the Catholic Church, it is doubtful that they managed to covertly overthrow empires that had been around for centuries and had armies and assassins at their disposal.

As for the story of the Rothschilds taking over Britain by convincing people that Napoleon had defeated Wellington at the Battle of Waterloo (has that even been confirmed in a proper source?), thereby manipulating the stock market in their favor to the point of gaining ownership of Britain, my question would be: “What in the hell would’ve kept King George lll from disappearing Mayer and his five sons? The British Empire, with its armies and assassins, got financially womped by six clever Jews and the King just said, “Oh darn, those Jewish bankers are so clever, I guess we’ll just have to bow down to them from now on and pray that they are merciful.” Seriously??? I’ve asked this question many times before and no one has given me an answer.

So, IMO, Jews are a red herring of sorts, used by the royals to divert attention away from themselves. The vast majority of Jews in the U.S. don’t even know what the NWO is – they are just regular people. But yes, Rothschild’s minions have played a significant part in the NWO. I still maintain that you can’t call them Jews, just as you can’t call the Pope and his pedophile priests good Catholics. They are most likely Luciferians; what they definitely are not are decent, god-fearing people. Traditional religion is simply a cover for these monsters.

As for the patriots that focus on all things “Jooo,” they are slitting their own throats IMO. Even if Zionist Jews ARE at the very top of the pyramid (which is ludicrous to me because the NWO do not worship Yahweh, whose promises in the OT form the ostensible basis for Zionism), even if they are at the top of the Illuminati heap, SO WHAT? If I read a news story about some La Cosa Nostra gangsters who just got busted, do I automatically say to myself, “Them damn Italians?” Of course not. It wouldn’t even cross my mind, as I know that ethnicity has zero to do with evil. I would simply think, “Those damn criminals.” It matters not whether the said perpetrator of a crime is White, Black, Jewish, Christian, Italian, Polish or Irish.

Whether or not the top NWO dogs are Ashkenazi Jews or not means nothing to me, because if they are, they do not represent the vast majority of Jews and do not adhere to the 10 Commandments. Aside from the alleged Ashkenazi/Sephardic dichotomy, they are not god-fearing Jews. Therefore, focusing on all things “Joo” only serves to dissuade most sheeple from seriously looking at government corruption (who don’t want to be associated with bigots and neo-Nazis) while accomplishing nothing positive or enlightening whatsoever.

If the top dogs are not Ashkenazi Jews, the NWO still scores a major victory by convincing so many patriots that all of the evil in the world is the sole doing of Ashkenazi Jews. EITHER WAY, THEY WIN by relegating the anti-NWO movement to a fringe, neo- movement that will never gain mass appeal.


So, that’s my take on the focus by some on all things Zionist. Before I was awakened to the existence of the NWO, I had no idea that many patriots were so hung up on race and religion. Not all to be sure, but far too many. All of the myriad crimes committed by non-Jews (who vastly outnumber Jews both now and in the past) are never mentioned or are downplayed by some as being “Zionist manipulation of the goy,” as if non-Jews really are incapable of truly evil acts. If an article deals with Bill Gates, no mention of religion or race can be found on the Infowars and Prison Planet comment sections (for the most part). If Diane Feinstein is the subject of an article, the race bashing unabashedly commences. The whole thing depresses me greatly, as I fear that we will never defeat the NWO, but even if we do defeat them, the hatred and division will simply continue in another form.

Americans Are Finally Learning About False Flag Terror Washington’s Blog.

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9 thoughts on “The Joos did it – so what?

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  2. UNreal

    I believe it is a mistake to minimise or ridiculise the jewish question, just this is true for 9/11.

    the biggest psy-op of the last century was surely the Holocaust, even more so than JFK.
    the second world war and the concentration camps is still a touchy subject, although fakery and falsehood has been clearly established. in Europe there are laws that prohibit any investigation in many countries.

    it is quite interesting that the characteristics of what seems to be a constructed “jewish” profile is quite similar to how any elite would go about things, keeping it in the family and anyone else are useless eaters/goyem.

    the Holocaust question is worth consideration for all Fakeologists, would really like to see an in-depth program on the subject as it is one of our times major psy-ops and the program is still alive with continous propaganda.

    1. Tom

      Anyone who studies what’s really going on is well aware of the ‘Jewish’ influence.

      We’re told ‘Jews own the media’ – Rupert Murdoch ”slipped-up” and said it.

      ‘The Jews’ own Hollywood,’ the Jews’ own the Papers, ‘The Jews’ run the banks. The Holocaust is a ‘Jewish lie’.
      Hey, the nuclear bomb is pretty much a ‘Jewish’ lie.

      It’s so cogent isn’t it? All these things are true, BUT the point here is that by saying it’s ‘The Jews did it”, I think we’re making a foolish generalisation.

      ‘Jews’ and Jewishness, as I see it, are used as part of a control mechanism, but to blame the Jews for everything is silly.

      I was best friends with the daughter of a Jew called Rudi Vrbova . He supposedly escaped from Auschwitz and effectively co-wrote the Auschwitz protocols. I read his book and instantly distrusted it and told her. She just batted it off – her Dad was a hero to her. She had no clue. Really. She was fooled.

      He DID IT. Yes, he lied and was complicit in a MASSIVE ‘Jewish’ scam. But that doesn’t make all people who consider themselves Jews, complicit. She was fooled like the rest of the world.

      Jews were used as pawns during the second world War as far as I can see. Jewish leaders having ‘declared war’ on Germany in 1933 and then colluded with Hitler to evacuate Jews over seas. The resulting carnage was real. Tens of thousands perished (when they stopped gassing the fleas at the camps when everything broke down ). Jews suffered badly along with the rest.

      I don’t believe in any Religion. To be a Jew is no different from being a Christian or a Muslim. It’s meaningless to me. Religion has been used for centuries to control people.

      Jews are being lied to as much as anyone else.

      We can easily identify a ‘Jewish Mafia’ if you like but to say ‘The Jews did it’ is actually not very clever in my book. The way forward would surely be to demonstrate to people who consider themselves Jewish, how they have been lied to and abused by people in power.

      1. UNreal

        i don not know whether your (Tom’s) response is to my post or not, but you illustrate my point quite well in that you use hasty conclusions and irrelevant arguments like your friend etc. etc.

        the jewish question is not a “they did” or “they didn’t” kind of subject, it is a very complicated and central meme, as much today as in the recent past.

        as for the 2nd world war there were not as many jewish men & women killed at any rate as white christians, the red cross reports for the camps was under 500 thousand, less than 1% of the total estimated death-toll of between 50-70 millions.*

        to banalize or oversimplify the jewish question is in my view to ignore crucial insight into the current power elite that has many ties to the jewish meme, especially in banking/politics/movies/media/education.

        *the commercial extorsion that has ensued is well described by Norman G. Finkelstein amongst others, and directly ties into Israel, which brings to mind US governments historic pro Israel stance, assistance & help.

        1. Tom

          Cool. I concede my post is garbled UNreal – and that it suggests I’m replying to someone specifically. I wasn’t answering you specifically, though I welcome the exchange.

          Regardless of Red Cross figures this is one BIG LIE we agree on. Outrageous exaggeration and a major play in the last 100 years of geopolitics.

          ”to banalize or oversimplify the jewish question is in my view to ignore crucial insight into the current power elite that has many ties to the jewish meme, especially in banking/politics/movies/media/education”. – I do not argue with this.

          It’s perspective. I’m not trying to banalise the Jewish Question, at all, I’m saying ‘People shouldn’t banalise it by saying ”The Jews made the holocaust happen”. This is about terminology as much as anything. That’s how I took the original article.

          You know ”The Joos did it” – it was this banality that was the articles’ point, that I took.

          I thought it was fairly sane.

          By saying The Jews did it, it includes all Jews and clearly they didn’t all do it. Not at all. It’s not intelligent. I think that’s a very good point because we can’t have intelligent discourse with this level of bigotry. Lazy, bigotry. It plays into the hands of the ones holding the cards because it is simply unfair to say that. It’s not good. We need to qualify. Be more specific.

          I’ve seen enough of your posts to know that we’re pretty much on the same page on most things and I don’t question your intelligence for a moment. I’m not accusing you of saying ”The Joos done it ” . I’m not.

          But I’m sticking up for the article that Ab posted. I think it makes some sense that’s all. I didn’t understand the ”strong” dislikes. I invited this conversation and made my post because I didn’t get it.

          Thanks for your reply and giving me the chance to try and express my thoughts a bit more clearly.

          1. UNreal

            your response makes your stance quite a bit more detailed.
            i share your view on the cautions and intelligence we must display, and in my view Ab’s post displays in part a plain dual standpoint as in “they didn’t do it”. i do not share this take on the question, opposite to how you allude to sticking up to it.
            IMHO there is not one response to answer all questions weather it be jesuit, jews or freemasons. I don’t believe it can be said no-one died on 9/11 either, but we can prove the overwhelming quantity of false victims, even false museums, just like Auswitch in 1948.

  3. Tom

    Interesting. Two votes for the post and two ”very poors” haha! Happy members then? 🙂

    To those members: –

    FINE, but no comment? This isn’t some ebay feedback form. If those negatives aren’t qualified, they become worthless really. It’s not very sophisticated as I see it. I think it makes your argument very weak.

    Of course one has to assume that it’s the ”Gate-keeping for the Jews” accusation here, raising it’s head.

    I think the article makes a very sane analogy with the mafia and Italians. Saying ‘The Jews are to blame’ is as absurd generalisation as saying the Italians are to blame when someone in the mafia does anything criminal. It’s actually daft if you tweak your perspective to see it.

    And don’t think I’m immune from what I see as a need for ‘perspective tweaking’. It’s a constant process, it seems to me. You may be able to tweak my perspective right now, but you’d have to write something otherwise, I have to wonder why you’re here?

    EDIT: I just saw your comment khammad. Haha. I won’t delete , but my point clearly doesn’t apply to you in view of your post. I’ll take in what you say.

  4. khammad

    That comment is full of double speak, an apologists rants, and diversions. It is a potpourri of rabbit holes, along with all the smells and trappings there of. I am channeling Jon Rappaport right now.

    Speaking of Jon Rappaport, he made an interesting post recently on 911.…

    Jon may be quite flowery in his writings, but I think he does a good job at exploring the truth about many subjects. He has clearly broken away from the pack. He is not afraid to call anyone out at any time. So far, I haven’t seen him contradict my current knowledge of fakeology.


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