When animals attack

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I too have been skeptical in the past of heavily promoted animal attack stories. While most would agree that messing with a lethal animal in its natural environment is a bad idea, it’s still worth investigating for its veracity. Is Steve Irwin in the ? Lux writes:

There have been countless films, TV shows, novels, etc having the theme of animals attacking humans. Everything from insects to birds to fish to rodents to have been featured in this context, often with the implied justification that the “evil humans” deserved it due to our rape of the natural world.

And, the news media factory also reinforces this theme with horrific “true” tales of animals attacking humans. I’ll give a couple of examples here of what I strongly suspect are animal attack hoaxes.

One notable example is (was?) a guy named Timothy Treadwell …

via Animal attack hoaxes • Cluesforum.info.

3 thoughts on “When animals attack

  1. tsisageya

    Here’s my beef: There are still humans in Afghanistan and Iraq that the US presidency lied us in to. Those people are still dealing with that. Americans still don’t care.

    What happens when one’s own country’s leadership commits treason? Nothing, apparently.

    There are things to talk about that are important. There are also things that are not important.

  2. khammad

    Certainly, the grisly image of Timothy Treadwell looks suspicious. What tidy bears to gently nibble off all the thigh meat yet still leave the knee standing straight up.

    The questions about Steve Irwin’s death, however, can be answered this way: Is Steve worth more dead or alive? I visited Australia Zoo last summer. The gift shop is a sad reminder of the commercial worth of the Irwin family.

    More than 1/4 of the largest gift shop (yes, there are a couple of them) is Bindi merchandise: books, clothes, toys, drinks, backpacks, umbrellas, candy, dolls, etc. The worst part is that Bindi is now a young lady, 15 years old. So all of the merchandise mentioned earlier comes in all the ages of Bindi: Bindi at age 2 back pack, Bindi at age 5 back pack, Bindi at age 8 back pack, Bindi at age 11 back pack, etc All of the rest of the merchandise is also repeated in this way.

    Honestly, it is creepy, not endearing to see Bindi’s life displayed in this manner.

    The rest of the family has tons merchandise as well.

    Bronze casts of the whole family are available for the wealthy traveler.

    Steve Irwin was a layman biologist who routinely did not take take the necessary precautions, but he was also highly produced. In his later expeditions, there were at least 8 cameramen/aids, even when it appeared he was in the wild and alone.

    Could it simply be that Steve Irwin was worth more dead than alive?

    The following picture is of the plaque dedicating the renaming of a local highway by the zoo to Steve Irwin Way. It is an overgrown and seemingly abandoned island between the north and south lanes. I had to remove a lot of grass to see the plaque and take the picture.

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