A psyOp just for me?

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Two have mentioned that the story could have been aimed at me and this website. While I’m humbled, I really doubt this site has much effect anywhere.

That said, let me clarify why Ajijic and San Miguel d’Allende could be in the news if the story is in fact fake. These are two highly desirable and growing communities that are attracting large of wealthy North Americans. The climate is perfect year round and the labor is cheap. The same reasons corporations are shipping their jobs to Mexico is the same reason retirees want to go there. Who benefits? Mexico? Who loses? Warm American states. It could be as simple as that.

As for my 100% verified contact, they have met the woman a couple of times in her capacity as feature reporter for a local newspaper. They met the man once last year at a party. The know (and saw yesterday) the neighbor who saw the scene at the behest of the gardener, who discovered the bodies. They brought me the story before it broke. They declined to be interviewed by a known freelance reporter. If ever I was close to a media event, this is as close as I’ve come so far.

So, I don’t know if this story is (in full or in part) true or false. Most heavily promoted stories start off fake in my mind, and really, this one is no exception. I just have a few more personal distant connections, which is more than I can say for any other story.

A few oddities to summarise:

  • son doesn’t want to come identify body
  • suspect’s names are suspicious and odd
  • many occult numbers in story (ages)
  • gory bloody murders for robberies is uncommon
  • if victim had a recent stroke, how could he afford medical insurance, if he was insurable at all?
  • Canada’s foreign affairs has no comment


4 thoughts on “A psyOp just for me?

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  2. columjaddica

    I don’t really trust any reporters, I think everybody down to the local weather guy has a clue what’s going on but they are staying quiet.

    They certainly target people who discuss these things with trolls and shills, it’s always hard to say who the shills really are though, so nobody knows if they are military/media or just some dumb asshole. So we assume for the most part they are dumb assholes.

    I keep seeing stories that I call “meta-fakery” as well, a lot more of them lately. Not sure that’s an accurate term to describe these stories, but what I mean is that the media is releasing a lot of stories that actually do include the word “hoax”, or talk about hoaxery, but they aren’t focusing on the same stories we do. All of the stories they focus on are to be blamed on somebody outside of the media, or hackers, or pranksters, etc. Sometimes they take it even further, like the “NSA director shot” hoax from the LAX shooting. A lot of journalists pretended to be quite upset that a hoax could get in the news regarding the shooting, but they were looking at some bullshit they probably put out their themselves to shoot down, I see it as a kind of muddying of the waters going on, and maybe a push for changes in language regarding hoaxes or fakery, kind of like how ‘conspiracy theorist’ was modified.

    What I’m saying there is I think the media is starting to tackle claims of hoaxery in a different way. I definitely think they could bother contact you with ill intent. It’s fine as long as you stay critical. The few encounters that I’ve had with people in the media over these things has been mostly fun and kind of stimulating even though I don’t think they were being honest with me.

    I still haven’t had any time to look into this story but I really want to.

  3. psyopticon

    Just a few (a)musings(!)..

    Sounds like they’ve created a very conspicuous vicsim trail using the role of journalist – one of the higher profile professions. Casting the vicsim as a journalist probably fooled a lot of people, many of them well-known community figures – politicians, etc. They would vouch for her existence, pre-murder, having been (conspicuously) interviewed by her. Maybe your acquaintance could have been suckered the same way: in good faith.

    Immigrants whacked on foreign soil are easy PSYOP fodder. Because of racial prejudice sown by the press, immigrants don’t usually assimilate well. Very few natives get to know their foreign neighbours. This is used to advantage in Britain where they’ve done several serial-killing PSYOPs involving East Europeans (apparently, the scourge of the earth who deluge this tiny island to scrounge off our social welfare system).

    One of the most ghoulish PSYOPs to date involved an itinerant East European farm labourer who had allegedly settled in Britain withi his wife and young kids. He allegedly killed his whole family,and then himself, after his wife left him.

    It was a particularly cunning PSYOP. – his supposed killings took place at a remote beauty spot (he threw the kids off a cliff, before jumping himself) many hundreds of miles from where the family had allegedly lived in Britain. And the media target for the PSYOP was not that community where the immigrant family had supposedly lived – where they might have been known – but the community near the remote beauty spot where he killed them – many hundreds of miles away. That vicsimmed family were extra invisible, through double geographic displacement!

    Holiday PSYOPs seem popular too. The Brit Nutwork has conjured up several Caribbean honeymoon murders. Again, there’s probably little to no reporting of the murder locally (on Jamaica), but it’s all over the British press! Dangerous place to honeymoon, donchaknow!

    Also these foreign national PSYOPs are perhaps used by gophers in The Nutwork to test the collaboration and coordination between the PSYOP conspirators in the two nations. Britain and France routinely run joint PSYOPs (child-kidnapping/pedophile claptrap most recently and, of course, the long-running “Al-Hilli” serial-killing PSYOP). The multi-national PSYOPs create a lucrative entente cordiale, allowing Nutworkers to go on vacation while charging their expenses to their Nutwork business accounts! And the PSYOP is often used afterwards to demand even closer collaboration between the law enforcement/spookworks of the two nations.

    What does the local “Mexican” press have to say about your PSYOP narrative?

    1. ab Post author

      Local news report – they caught LA TUNA!

      Local crime site: www.lakechapalacrime.com/

      I really enjoy your commentary psyopticon. You’re one of the clearer thinkers and elucidate beautifully.

      I really haven’t heard of any of the British psyOps you’ve mentioned, but I am sure that Tavistock and their off-shoots are the “ground zero” of all this nonsense. Your reporting of these events helps me understand that the few I study with a local flavor are brothers and cousins of perhaps even more intense hoaxing over in there Queen’s backyard.

      Thanks for posting.

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